When a Woman Loves a Boy

When a woman loves a boy I guess the  love is strong enough to make her completely lose all of her senses and out the window with her senses goes her freedom (jail time) her career and her reputation.

We have seen quite a few stories over the past couple of years about women falling madly or lustfully in love with young men under the age of 18. Most of these women have been in some sort of authoritative position over these boys, mainly their teachers.

My question is this, well one of my questions for these weird, obviously desperate women is, are there no men your age that you could love or lust after? I mean surely there HAS to be at least one suitable man in your age range that you could date and even possibly allow to ruin your career as you have allowed your relationships with these young boys to do. I am willing to bet that there are tons, I mean boat loads of men over the age of 18 that would love to help you ruin your life, so why pick a child?

April Wade is the 34-year-old Spanish teacher in Memphis, TN who was recently arrested for having a relationship with one of her 17-year-old students. The news reported that not only was April Wade dating the boy, but Wade moved him into her home and purchased him a car.

Dear Ms. Wade, are you that damn desperate that you go from teaching the boy Spanish to teaching him how to let a woman take care of him? I mean really Ms. Wade are there no other men in the Memphis area that you find suitable enough to date that you had to start selecting suitable companions from your pool of students?

April Wade who has been charged with statutory rape has also been suspended with pay from Memphis City Schools. Hopefully (fingers crossed) she will be given the maximum jail sentence possible and be required to register as a sex offender.

Recently I heard Memphis radio personality Bobby O’Jay  applauding the young man from this story for finding an older woman to take him in and basically “show him a good time”. I couldn’t say that I was shocked by Mr. Ojay’s statements because he is known for having opinions that are often controversial and at times out right foolish. Nevertheless, I was indeed shocked by the amount of women who called in to the radio station stating that they wished some woman would come along and take their teenage sons off of their hands. These women sounded as if they were hoping that there was some desperate woman listening in to the show who would locate their needy son and sweep him off his feet. It was completely ridiculous and it became ever so clear to me why so many grown men expect women to bend over backwards and take care of them as if they are children. I mean why not think this way if your mother is preaching it in the home and the women are seeking out men to take care of? It would almost seem normal for a man to think that this is a suitable way to live.

Then there was the issue of the double standard which for me was as clear as day. Here you had women calling in to the radio station stating that there was absolutely nothing wrong with a grown woman dating and sleeping with an underage boy and in addition to being an adult she was also his teacher. Yet these same women agreed that if it were their daughter instead of their son they would have a big problem with the same set of incidents. They would be furious if they found out that their daughter’s teacher was having a sexual relationship with her but they would high-five their son for the same behavior.

I wonder how men feel about this topic? Especially a man who may have been accused and/or charged with having an inappropriate relationship with a minor. If women like April Wade are not punished for their behavior should these men then use that as defense when accused of committing the same crime? Is the crime not the same because of the gender?

Personally, whether it were my daughter or my son I would have a BIG problem with their teacher having a relationship with them. I would do everything in my power to make sure that this adult was punished for having an inappropriate relationship with my child.

As this world continues to turn it becomes ever so clear that things are getting worse and more and more people are losing any inkling of morals and sanity that they once had. It is a sad day when mothers teach their sons that the route to manhood is to go from the nurturing and financial care of your mother to the nurturing and financial care of whatever foolish woman will have you.


9 thoughts on “When a Woman Loves a Boy”

  1. GREAT POST!!! I agree with you on every point. Real talk….I have 2 small sons and if I ever had to face this situation I would be the one on the news for a homicide or they would never find the body because my husband would dispose of it. My husband and I agree that he is in charge of keeping the boys in line & focused on our plan for them and I am in charge of keeping old heffas and fast-tail little girls out of the way. Oh and for the record YES Bobby O’Jays comments were straight foolishness!! Sometimes I have to wonder if he actually believes what he says or does he do it for shock value.


  2. Thanks Anita for stopping by and commenting.
    I feel that it is NEVER acceptable for adults to have relationships with children in a sexual manner…even if it isn’t sexual I don’t think they should have any kind of romantic relationship with a child .It is completely unacceptable.

    As for Bobby O’Jay sometimes I agree. I think that many of the comments he makes or the view he takes on topics are just for controversy and shock value.


  3. Excellent post. I have one college-aged son, and I can guarantee that any cougar who tried to get her claws in him would regret the day they tried. I’m disgusted by predatory men AND women who are so desparately trying to recapture their fading youth that they ignore the decent, common-sense boundaries that most folk in polite society adhere to.

    Reminds me of the Mary Kay LeTourneau / Vilil Fualaau debacle here in the Pacific NorthWest back in the early 1990s…that was a travesty. A major case of ‘white woman tears’!


  4. about the spanish teacher incident…. to label this woman as a sex offender would render her almost disabled to work in an occupation in which she has invested a considerable amount of money… i suspect foul play on the young man’s part also and can not forget that i was in the service at 17 yrs old and i was adult enough to die for my country. As a man i can assure you that the young man will not be eternally damaged from this incident. men have played on the emotions of women for centuries – should we crucify this woman for being foolish??? rehabilitate… educate… even medicate… but don’t incarcerate this woman for one mistake…


  5. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Pastor Lewis

    Would you have the same viewpoint if this were a male teacher and a female student?

    And for me personally the fact that this is one of her students makes the situation worse. Teachers should know better and when they break the rules they should be punished just as anyone else is punished And maybe even more because they violated a student.


  6. I don’t get what’s with people today. In the old, OLD days older guys would come and take younger girls and make them their brides and have little babies to help out on the farm. The old times are happening again, 45 year old women are going out with 20 year old men so why be surprise at how young he is? Would I let MY son, hell no, not till he’s legal, but I have a feeling like this would still be a problem to most even if he was 18.


  7. Hi Casey thanks for stopping by and commenting

    I agree, back in the old days it happened quite frequently that grown men courted, married and started families with girls as young as 14 or 15 years of age. However, back in those days there were no laws that made these actions against the law. Today there are laws set into place that make relationships with children off limits and as with any other law, if you break them you should be prepared to face the consequences.

    It upsets/bothers me any time an adult involves themselves in an inappropriate relationship with a child whether that adult be a male or a female. It is even more disturbing when that adult has an authoritative role over that child. Those adults should be punished by the law for violating that child.

    Children do not have the right to give an adult permission to live with them, have sex with them or any of the other inappropriate behavior that these adults obviously see as acceptable.

    I say give them jail sentences, label them sex offenders and make them pay restitution. All of those things in my opinion are fitting for the crime they committed.


  8. I understand but I believe that some of those teachers especially the females suffer from extreme self esteem issues. Not all, there are some that deserve to be labeled a sex offender for life but not all.


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