Whatever happened to Ron Meroney?

The other night as I sat watching the news suddenly I wondered “Whatever happened to Ron Meroney”?

You guys remember Ron Meroney, don’t you? Well in case you don’t, Ron Meroney was the Fox 13 Memphis news anchor that was arrested on statutory rape charges back in 2006. The charges stemmed from the statutory rape of a 13-year old girl in Maryland back in 1974. (There was also mention of other allegations of cases in which Meroney was accused of rape/statutory rape; however none of those cases were ever acted upon to my knowledge)

Meroney entered a plea deal and received a 15 year jail sentence and 5 years probation, however all but 18 months of the jail sentence were suspended. The 18 months that Meroney served were in at home detention where he was monitored with an electronic monitoring device. Meroney also had to register as a sex offender.

***in my opinion the registering as a sex offender is the only part of the sentence that makes much sense. I do understand that this happened many, many years ago, however if Meroney pled guilty he should have done some jail time….but this is the United States and we all know that the laws of this country don’t always have a “justice served” ending resolution***


2 thoughts on “Whatever happened to Ron Meroney?”

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