Our Allotted Time aka Black History Month

Generations of Creative GeniusSo….

I almost missed Black I History Month…and I don’t mean just blogging, I mean I literally almost forgot that this was Black History Month. And the media didn’t help me out much because they didn’t do much talking about it. I did see a few previews for programming that would air during the month but there wasn’t much hoopla this year about the one month that black people are supposed to be celebrated. It’s almost as if they forgot about us this year; they meaning them and us.

Did Roots come on this month? What about Go Tell it on the Mountain, The Color Purple or Do the Right Thing? I didn’t see any of those movies, neither did I really hear anyone saying “It’s Black History Month!”

Is this the beginning of the end? Is this how Black History Month will gradually be eliminated? Is this phase 1 of no special month for you people? It is scary to think that the one month they did allow us could now be taken away from us. What is even sadder is that we ever bought into the fact that we were given one month out of the year to celebrate being black and WE ACCEPTED IT. Not only did we accept it, we bragged about it, we smiled and jigged and enjoyed it. We loved being given one month to say “Black is Beautiful”.  We were so proud to have an entire month to report on and talk about the important black folk who had paved the way so that we could arrive. Our hearts were made glad that we had received the special treatment of an entire month allotted to us to celebrate the successes of black people. After all we have contributed to very much of America’s history. We have invented today’s necessities, broken records, written and sang timeless songs and danced our way into history…just not into history books.

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It’s Me Again

After many long hiatuses I am back…well kind of. I will be back blogging, however I am diligently working to have my book completed by this summer so I cannot promise how frequently I will blog. I would like to say that one of the main reasons I decided to come back was because of the support and encouragement that my readers have given me. I have been the most hit and miss, back and gone blogger ever yet you guys still send me emails asking me to blog and encouraging me to finish my book and never give up on my writing. To me that is awesome. I truly feel that God has given me a gift and that gift is storytelling. I pray that one day I can write for a living and for me that will be a dream come true. However right now I am a wife (yep I got married 2012) I am a mother and I work full time so I am spread pretty thin and my writing has been put on the back burner many times. I am determined to finish this book by the summer. The plan is to self publish so if any of you guys have information on self publishing, cover design, editing etc. please email me at monamonabgt@gmail.com  Also a biiiiiiiiiig favor, if you have any contacts, connections, friends, boothangs, homegirls, buddies etc. that can help me get published please, and I do mean please contact me. Self publishing is an option, but being picked up by a publishing company would definitely be a blessing.
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