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Black Men and ANY Spaces

Today as I parked my car at Walmart and began to exit my vehicle I happened to look over at the car next to me (something I should do more often) and noticed that there was a man sitting on the passenger side of the car. I immediately noticed that the driver of the car was missing and that the passenger was drooling over a Colt 45 (tall can). I looked over at the man, did a quick review of my doors to make sure they were locked then proceeded to exit my vehicle. When I looked back up at the man in the car he seemed to be quite annoyed that I had checked my doors…maybe he thought I had feared he would break into my car….maybe I did! Not only did the guy look at me as if he was insulted, he did what seemed to be a man eye roll. He then turned up the can of beer and guzzled more of it down.

Now being that I am an African-American female myself  and the passenger of the car was also an African-American maybe he assumed that I should have no fear of him or maybe I shouldn’t assume that he was dangerous in any way, BUT he was guzzling a Colt 45 (tall can) at 1:45 in the daytime…now that may not be enough to say that he was dangerous, but for me it was damn sure enough to say that he could possibly act a damn fool because I don’t know too many people who drink Colt 45 in the daytime who don’t act like a real fool. Colt 45 is known for having that effect on people!


Could the feelings, thoughts and preconceived notions I had concerning  this black man possibly be the same thoughts and preconceived notions others had when they stereotyped and often feared black men? Was it his Colt 45 or was there something deeper behind my double-check of my car doors and double-check of his positioning to reassure my safety and the safety of my vehicle?

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Church Rule-No Racial Mixing

If you want to see a conversation get really awkward, strike up a conversation amongst a group of people of different races and start your conversation with the words “Blacks and Whites shouldn’t worship together.”

After the immediate shock that follows your statement, you will then hear the many explanations from the various people, some explaining why there should be no racism in religion and how the concept of worship and fellowship alone defines unity and not separation.

After a few faces have turned beet red, a few throats have been cleared and a few people may have excused themselves from the group, you will then hear a few people speak up on what they believe to be the sound, logical belief that there is no place for interracial mixing within the church setting. These thoughts will be backed up with  comments that generally start off with the statement that the person is in no way racist…after all….they have black/white friends and they make small talk with people of other races at work all of the time, BUT going to church together just isn’t acceptable because that’s just the way it has always been and frankly the way it should remain.

This is possibly what took place at Gulnare Free Will Baptist Church in Pike County, Kentucky back when they voted to not allow an interracial couple to attend church services at Gulnare Free Will Baptist Church. The church voted in late November that interracial couples would not be allowed to join the church or participate in church services.

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