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Racism Today (Post 3)


I am beginning to sway towards the belief that a blatant racist is better than an undercover, throw a rock and hide your hand racist any day…. Either way a racist is a racist, but if you have this belief why hide behind the camouflage of sarcasm and idiotic comments.

Have you noticed that both undercover and blatantly racist people can somehow throw Barack Obama into any conversation?

It is quite annoying to me that you can be holding a simple conversation about something as simple and nonpolitical as the weather, and somehow these people (who immediately put it on the table that they are not racist and do not support racism) will somehow throw in their distaste for Barack Obama.  Weren’t we talking about the weather?

There are far more people in the “Rush Limbaugh Is Our Hero” clique than we think or would like to believe and honestly it is becoming more and more disturbing by the day how so many people refuse to own up to their racism. If you dislike Barack Obama because of his race…umm that probably means that you are a racist. So when you say things constantly about Barack Obama in clearly unrelated conversations your racism shines through like a shiny new penny.

African American supporters of Barack Obama have been labeled as extremist.  It has been said by many non supporters that black people have deemed Barack Obama as the New Jesus. Somewhere along the lines our confidence in Obama and our pledged support have been scandalized and wrongly reflected as closely mimicking idolism. These people believe that the majority of black people who voted for and support Barack Obama see him as our savior. That somehow we think he is going to take all of our worries away  and deliver us from the troubles of this world which includes our car note, our mortgage, unemployment, depression, flu, money problems, bad relationships, long term illnesses, unpaid doctor bills, dwindling savings, alcoholism, drug addiction, headaches etc, you get the picture.

Much of this nonsense stems from racist people who instead of stating their reasons for not supporting Obama they turn their distaste towards those that do support him and this distaste is often reflected in their idiotic statements and behavior.

Here is a video from one of the greatest douchebags alive, Rush Limbaugh. This video is a classic example of a racist giving his political thoughts which are primarily based on his own personal racist opinion and not the facts. But honestly this kind of behavior is expected of Limbaugh.  He is one of the most racist men alive and unlike some racist people there is no hesitancy for him to open his mouth and publicly display his ignorance and high level of loserism.

In the video Limbaugh talks about his suspicions of Barack Obama. Would he have been so suspicious had Barack Obama been a white, qualified candidate running for President? Of course not!


Greed (It’ll Getcha Every Time)

scroogeI have often wondered what makes people accept bribes, steal from their jobs or involve their self in any other kind of fraudulent activity that results in them losing their employment and oftentimes going to jail. In the end the answer is simple; greed.

Greed is defined as
an excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth

When I look back at politicians such as former Memphis  Councilman Ricky (Re)Peete  who was caught accepting bribes not once, but twice (hence the (re in his name), I realize that sometimes the love of money will make you stoop to lows that even you didn’t think you would reach. Ricky Peete was convicted almost twenty years ago on corruption charges, he went to the big house and did his time and once released the people of his district trusted him again to represent them. The felon was in office again. Boy did he show them! Ricky got back into the swing of things and did what he knew best, once again he did a little dabbling with bribery. This time he was sentenced to 51 months in prison. Now you would think that after serving two years in jail and six months in a half way house the first time he committed this crime, Ricky (Re) Peete would have known better, but obviously for the first time wasn’t enough for him so he decided to give it a go again. Sadly Ricky (Re) Peete supposedly only received $12,400 from the crooked deal that landed him in the clink. Now if that isn’t greed I don’t know what is. You lose a seat on the City Council and your freedom for a measly twelve grand. smh

Of course Ricky wasn’t alone, once the wheels of Operation Tennessee Waltz  got to rollin’ the round up was embarrassing. The number of brown faces placed in the clink was pathetic. They were found guilty of charges ranging from bribery to extortion . Of those charged I have to say that former State Sen. John Ford was the most defiant. He bragged and bribed, cheated and bragged, bragged, cheated, bribed and lied and bragged. In the end he too was sent to the clink. These people had so much to lose, but their greed blinded them and they could only see dollar signs.

But why would these people in such predominant positions risk their reputations, their jobs and the seats they campaigned hard for? The answer is greed. Why else would a woman in her sixties go to the clink over a few pennies? Why else would this woman steal millions of dollars from her job and buy a home that she and everyone else knew she couldn’t afford unless she was doing something illegal or had secretly won the lottery? GREED!

The funny thing about greed is that it leaves you hungry. Once you begin the scandalous road of stealing, whether it be from your job, from someone else, from the city/state or even from the cookie jar you will continue to do it. That is why it is called greed. You can’t get enough of something that does not belong to you. For some reason you are never satisfied with what you have whether it is legitimately yours or whether you got it illegally, you want more so your hunger has to be fed.

But in the end it isn’t so much your wrongdoings that catch up with you, it is your greed that displays your wrongdoings. Your greed will always make your mistakes easier to spot and your negligence neon for the radar because your greed has your senses blocked. You don’t notice your mistakes because at that very moment the money is your concern; not the repercussions or your livelihood. However, you never can fulfill the hunger of your greed and in the end greed will getcha every time!