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Free the Scott Sisters!

Free the Scott Sisters!

….Sisters Receive Double Life Sentences for their alleged involvement in an armed robbery

This is one of those stories that truly bothers me because of its blatant show of racism and unfair treatment of African Americans. No matter how you look at it, this is unfair and unjust and justice needs to be served.

16 years ago in Scott County, Mississippi, sisters Jamie and Gladys Scott were accused of being involved in the armed robbery of two young men that netted  a total of $11. The two sisters were arrested and later convicted of the armed robbery and both received double life sentences for their involvement in the crime. Both sisters have always denied being involved, yet for the past 16 years they have sat in the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility appealing their sentences only to have each appeal denied. The sisters have now exhausted all of their appeals.

How does a person with no criminal background  receive such an unfair and lengthy sentence for an army robbery in which no one was hurt? That is the question that many people have asked over the years. There seems to be no logical reason why these  women received such severe jail sentences, but I did find an interesting tidbit of info —> here  that may shed some light on the sister’s unfortunate situation.

What makes this situation even more interesting is that in the state of Mississippi, the crime of armed robbery carries a sentence of three years or up to life in prison. So why in the case of two African American women, who were found guilty of “setting up” two men to be robbed, where no one was hurt, was a sentence of double life given? Why were these women ordered to spend the rest of their lives in jail for a crime that did not warrant such irregular jail time?

Stories like this add to the justification of my “BGT don’t do Mississippi” way of thinking.  I’ve mentioned in past blog entries how I feel about good ole Mississippi and every time something like this happens in Mississippi I raise my eyebrow and say “Doesn’t surprise me one bit.” 

BGT on Mississippi –> The South Shall Rise Again!        Yes the KKK can have their meeting here! 

 Racism exists everywhere, I just wouldn’t wanna chance being black in Mississippi and even doing something that resembles a crime (eyebrow raised) just like I wouldn’t chance walking, riding, residing, eating or breathing in West Memphis, Arkansas; but that’s a whole notha story that I will definitely need to fill my readers in on.

After reading these comments   from the Clarion Ledger I was appalled. For any human to state that this sentencing is fair is insane.  If these women were a part of your family, would you still believe that they should spend the rest of their life behind bars for an armed robbery they were accused of being involved in when they were barely of legal age? I doubt that these commenters would be in agreement with the double life sentences if the ones accused where a friend or family member of theirs. 

It is good to know that the NAACP is taking action and fighting for the Scott Sisters to have their life sentences pardoned. (they have been incarcerated only 16 years. Did the NAACP just find out about the Scott sisters??)  *puzzled look*   Supporters of the Scott sisters marched on the Capital Wednesday demanding justice for the sisters. NAACP President Ben Jealous requested Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour pardon the two sisters’ sentences and the sisters’ attorney Chokwe Lumumba met Wednesday with one of Gov. Haley Barbour’s staff attorneys about their petition for a pardon or a reduced sentence. Barbour’s office has said the governor is waiting to receive a recommendation from the state Parole Board.

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Somehow we done got it twisted

8596-largeI recently witnessed a woman falling out, crying and screaming obscenities at the police for arresting her son-in-law and his brother for selling drugs and gambling.  These same two young men shoot dice and deal drugs all day, every day on the mother’s front porch.

….somehow we done got it twisted!

Now some of you may not see a problem with this, but BGT does. It has come to my attention that many black mothers have it twisted. No, actually they have it turnt upside down or bottom ways up as my grandmother would say.

Far too many black women are applauding bad behavior from the males in their family. They smile and accept baby after baby out-of-wedlock from their sons, but raise hell when their “baby boy”wants to get married. They cause all kinds of drama, hoping to save their son from marriage, BUT they had no problem when he was making those sweet little grand babies unmarried.  On other occasions they are aware of their sons criminal behavior, yet they have the audacity to get offended if the police take them to jail. They call that picking on them. Ok well maam if your son is on the corner selling drugs day in and day out, he is leaving himself open to be picked on.

It bothers me that mothers are not only gladly accepting bad behavior from their sons but they are his cheerleader and co-signer for bad behavior.  It is almost as if things have been twisted. These mothers stick up for hoodlum sons who do everything under the sun, and get upset when society labels them criminals and thugs. Maam, your son calls himself a thug in your presence, so why is it a problem when society labels him as a thug.

Somehow we done got it twisted…

I remember growing up and mothers not caring if their son was seven or seventeen. If you got out of line you would get put back in line. Nowadays grown men are living with their mothers, with their baby mama, the two children he has by her, the two children she had from a previous relationship, his best friend Clyde, Clyde’s girlfriend and their dog Rufus. They all live with the mother and she has no problem with all of these grown tale folks shackin’ at her house. She even keeps the sweet  grand babies so they can go out and party and come home high.

Again…somehow we done got it twisted….

When did it become okay to accept criminal behavior and triflingness from your children. I mean sure enough when they are grown you cannot control their actions, but you can still make sure that they know it is wrong. You can still tell them that you don’t agree with it and that you in no way support illegal activity and will have no part of it. Instead a lot of black mothers act as if society is picking on their babies and he is only doing the best he can. Oh really, is that the best he can do? Well damn, thats shameful then!

Black mothers need to learn to realize that loving your son does not mean co-signing on a triflin lifestyle. Regardless of what our children do, we love them. A mother’s love should be unconditional. But accepting and going along with mess is unacceptable mothers. Let’s quit babying these grown men as if they don’t know right from wrong. A mother should feel comfortable knowing that she taught her children right from wrong and if they choose to do wrong it wasn’t because they weren’t taught any better.


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