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Your Glass House on Abortion

If you live in a glass house and I live in a glass house which one of us should throw stones…well in the case of Abortion those against it obviously feel that they should throw the stones…BIG Stones.

glass houseWith news of events such as the recent Planned Parenthood Shooting in Colorado Springs, CO I immediately begin to think of all of the issues people have with Planned Parenthood, mainly the fact that they do abortions. The full details of the recent events at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado have not been released, but ones mind must instantly think Planned Parenthood was the target.

Planned Parenthood is often the target when it comes to anti-abortion groups and they usually are not afraid to stake out and speak up while holding fort right outside of the clinics. With the recent release of information from anti-abortion groups that Planned Parenthood clinics sell tissues leftover from abortions for profit, the abortion issue has escalated once again.

Personally my belief is this, if a woman finds herself pregnant and feels that she cannot or does not want to go on with the pregnancy that is her choice to have an abortion. Whether the pregnancy occurred within a relationship, as a result of rape etc. It is her choice and that choice should not be taken away from her.

When we begin to pick and choose what other people should and should not do with their lives we become hypocrites because I am pretty sure that if the book of our life was opened and read aloud chapter by chapter others would find many sinful acts that they feel we should have chosen a different path on.

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Light Skin -vs- Dark Skin STILL an issue

The year is 2010 and even though I shouldn’t be surprised I am still quite baffled at how racial issues amongst the black community are still such an issue. You would think that we would be at a point now that we wouldn’t still be walking around with hatred in our hearts for each other because of skin color; especially as we consistently acknowledge ourselves as “the black community.”

However we all know that is not the case. We all know that more of us than we would like to admit have passed judgment or cast stereotypes on other African-Americans because of their “shade of brown.”  

Who hasn’t heard that most light skinned people are stuck up, think they are better than darker skinned people, use your lightness as an advantage (and are allowed to)  and just have overall cocky attitudes? Who hasn’t heard that darker skinned African-Americans are meaner, have bad attitudes and generally don’t like light skinned African-Americans?

Honestly, before I began this paragraph I had to stop and allow myself to write this post without bias because I have had my own personal experiences with light skinned people who would have probably swayed my writing had I wrote solely from my heart and personal experiences.  I have fought my own battle with trying not to stereotype all light skinned people because of the immense number of arrogant, immature  light skinned people I have had to deal with who meet and greet you with the words “I’m light skinned, I’m a redbone, I’m red….

Yesterday I read a Facebook status that stated:

Y do pple automatically assume all light skinned chicks r stuck up?? Im judged on my skin complexion everyday. MAN I LOVE TO PROVE THM WRNG! 😀

I am not light skinned, so I can in no way imagine how it feels to be judged all of the time because of my skin color. I guess I am a safe brown? I don’t know. It sounds crazy even saying that because I guess medium brown is the only shade of the African-American rainbow that doesn’t catch the flack of being too dark or too light. If you are too light some people (ignorant people) immediately think that you are stuck on yourself, you are siddity and cocky and  you will use your skin color to your advantage and you will be allowed to get away with it. People will accuse you of getting more privileges because of your skin color and many will dislike you from the moment you walk through the door. If you are too dark some people (ignorant people) immediately think that your attitude will reach the room before you do. They will think that you are mean and spiteful and that regardless of the situation you won’t agree, because you are confrontational and always hard to get along with.

Where do these ideas come from? Some will say slavery (I agree) some will say personal experiences (I agree) some will say ignorance (I agree)

I found this video on World Star Hip Hop and my first response was WOW. Not only was this so up close and personal, but it is exactly what I have heard all of my life from many light skinned and dark skinned people.  Not only did it show a lot of the ignorance surrounding this issue, but it also showed why some of the judgments take place…take a look

Lightskin -vs- Darkskin Documentary trailer


Don’t those things sound very familiar to you? I have heard each of those things countless times and even though its pure ignorance I won’t lie and say that I haven’t said some of the exact same things. I have come across some of the cockiest light skinned people you would ever want to meet and I have come across some of the meanest, most jealous dark skinned people you could meet and I have come across some of the meanest light skinned, most jealous light skinned, cockiest dark skinned, rudest light skinned, confrontational brown skinned, ignorant light skinned, ignorant dark skinned, arrogant brown skinned…..

you get the point

I say this to say, whatever shade of brown you may be love the skin you are in. Ignorance comes in every shade of color from powder white to black blue. Ignorance knows no color. We really need to stop with the stereotypes and hatred towards one another. Enough people of other races hate African Americans , we need to pull together and love each other as much as possible.  We call ourselves the black community which relays a message of unity and togetherness, however within this community we are at odds with each other over skin color.

BGT said it best here —> The Beauty of Black

Black is beautiful let that be the end of the sentence. There should be no conforming or need to conform to what certain people have concluded to be the beauty of blackness….


As I was searching the net while writing this post I came across some very interesting blog posts, videos etc. concerning light skin vs dark skin.  Here are a few links I found very interesting.

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