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Your Glass House on Abortion

If you live in a glass house and I live in a glass house which one of us should throw stones…well in the case of Abortion those against it obviously feel that they should throw the stones…BIG Stones.

glass houseWith news of events such as the recent Planned Parenthood Shooting in Colorado Springs, CO I immediately begin to think of all of the issues people have with Planned Parenthood, mainly the fact that they do abortions. The full details of the recent events at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado have not been released, but ones mind must instantly think Planned Parenthood was the target.

Planned Parenthood is often the target when it comes to anti-abortion groups and they usually are not afraid to stake out and speak up while holding fort right outside of the clinics. With the recent release of information from anti-abortion groups that Planned Parenthood clinics sell tissues leftover from abortions for profit, the abortion issue has escalated once again.

Personally my belief is this, if a woman finds herself pregnant and feels that she cannot or does not want to go on with the pregnancy that is her choice to have an abortion. Whether the pregnancy occurred within a relationship, as a result of rape etc. It is her choice and that choice should not be taken away from her.

When we begin to pick and choose what other people should and should not do with their lives we become hypocrites because I am pretty sure that if the book of our life was opened and read aloud chapter by chapter others would find many sinful acts that they feel we should have chosen a different path on.

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I Stand With Planned Parenthood: The Fight to Keep Federal Funding for Planned Parenthood Centers

Support Planned Parenthood by Signing The Open Letter to Congress

Maybe Congressman Mike Pence is unaware that about 44 million people in this country have no health insurance, and another 38 million have inadequate health insurance and maybe he is also unaware that many of those uninsured are women. Either Pence doesn’t know or doesn’t care that these women still need health care services, even when they are unable to afford it or have lost their health insurance due to unemployment or other hardships. When Mike Pence proposed to defund Planned Parenthood he willingly forgot about nearly 1.2 million of youth and adults that utilize Planned Parenthood as their only form of health care.

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