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Dear United States Government, What Next My Vagina?!!

Dear United States Government,

You may be in control of a lot of things, but my mind and my vagina you cannot control.

Well hopefully you can’t, :-/ I know how powerful you are and I fear that these two things you are trying to get your hands on…Next I think the government will try to control when you urinate!

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Well to me it is quite ridiculous that in the land of the free the government not only wants to control how many babies a woman can have but they also want to make paternity testing mandatory at the time of a child’s birth in order to get a birth certificate with the father’s name on it. (Read the Mandated Paternity Testing Bill proposed by Senator Reginald Tate -D Memphis, TN)

The government has said that women are having too many babies that they can’t afford to take care of…but then on the other hand the government wants to limit birth control pills. They want to do away with abortion completely and I think next they will mandate in-home surveillance cameras to see who is having sex with who in hopes that they can make women account for their sex partners and have the fathers of babies out-of-wedlock on film so they can force them to take care of the children.

It disturbs me that the government wants to have so much control over citizens, I’m scared of what they will propose next.

And this may sound wrong or rude or whatever but how  can a person be free to be gay but not be free to take a damn birth control pill. I say pop em’ to you see otherwise, a pill a day keeps unwanted babies away… I am in no way against homosexuals and their rights but hell if a person has the right to marry a person of the same sex shouldn’t a person have a say so over if they want to have an abortion?? (the war against Planned Parenthood read , read , read ) If a person has the right to have unprotected sex should not also have the right to take birth control pills or control whether they give birth to a child. That’s like saying it is okay to get sloppy drunk but you cannot, I repeat you cannot call a cab to take you home, go ahead and drive….smh

The government frustrates me….

It is getting very critical….I’m almost scared to use public bathrooms. Aside from many of them being disgusting I think the government may be collecting samples 😐

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Church Rule-No Racial Mixing

If you want to see a conversation get really awkward, strike up a conversation amongst a group of people of different races and start your conversation with the words “Blacks and Whites shouldn’t worship together.”

After the immediate shock that follows your statement, you will then hear the many explanations from the various people, some explaining why there should be no racism in religion and how the concept of worship and fellowship alone defines unity and not separation.

After a few faces have turned beet red, a few throats have been cleared and a few people may have excused themselves from the group, you will then hear a few people speak up on what they believe to be the sound, logical belief that there is no place for interracial mixing within the church setting. These thoughts will be backed up with  comments that generally start off with the statement that the person is in no way racist…after all….they have black/white friends and they make small talk with people of other races at work all of the time, BUT going to church together just isn’t acceptable because that’s just the way it has always been and frankly the way it should remain.

This is possibly what took place at Gulnare Free Will Baptist Church in Pike County, Kentucky back when they voted to not allow an interracial couple to attend church services at Gulnare Free Will Baptist Church. The church voted in late November that interracial couples would not be allowed to join the church or participate in church services.

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