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Dear 2010 Boy Did You Disappoint Me

New Years Day 2010 I decided that I would not make any New Year’s Resolutions. Instead I decided that I would declare 2010 “My Year.”  I lodged that belief into my brain; I chanted it and even recited to others as we discussed our plans for the New Year.  I knew that I had to give 2010 everything I had because 2009 had kicked my ass in a gruesome way. 2009 had been one of those years where you start off on top and somewhere along the way you got lost, then tangled then dumped at the bottom. By the 2009 holiday season I had begun referring to the year as “WTF happened” I mean seriously 2009 hemmed me up in every way imaginable starting off with ending a relationship. Next there was a car accident, then unexpected expenses that seemed to come out of thin air. I hate to say it but 2009 showed your girl no love at all. It was a piece of work to say the least.

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IDUMP4U will dump for you..really, they will

Breaking up is often very hard to do. Sometimes because of the history two people share, breaking up is painful and heart wrenching. Sometimes you just hate to be the bad guy and end it for good even when you know that the relationship is good for neither of you.  Sometimes people grow apart and the love is still there, but the sparks have dwindled then slowly faded away. There are other times when the bickering and fighting is just too much to bear and the relationship has gone from bad to worst. Then there are the times when you just hate each other’s guts and one day, one very happy day, one of you will spew a line of expletives hoping the other will leave. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen. The toxic relationship continues.

Well now there is help for those who want to dump their mates. will help those  people who just can’t build up the nerve to say that it’s over. Or those who really want to dump their mates harshly, without having to do the dirty work.

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