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Comfort Zone, Challenged

This morning while reading professional development articles online I came across a webinar that discussed challenging your comfort zone. I quickly skimmed through the webinar slides, scanning the pages for valid points and ultimately I downloaded the handout and decided to read it.


After reading the handout I’ve come to the conclusion that when it comes to things that I’m not particularly fond of or aren’t very knowledgeable of I am not too quick to take part in them. If the subject being discussed is not a topic I’m familiar with much of the time I find it hard to even gather the appropriate information about the topic to obtain knowledge of it. It’s as if a wall comes up as the conversation moves along and somewhere along the way my brain’s new knowledge switch gets turned off.  I also found out that I avoid exciting things, things that get your adrenaline rushing such as parasailing, rock climbing, impromptu getaways etc. Honestly, while answering the questions on the list of items that included most outdoor activities I chose the option of “have no interest in” for each and every selection.

But when it comes to things that I enjoy such as reading, writing or journaling I will join a group, start and participate in discussions and even attend meetups.  I’m always ready to do family related activities or participate in book sales, volunteer at work or learn more about things in which I am actively involved Due to my extensive history in administrative assistance I have a strong desire to serve and assist others as much as possible and this shows up in much of my life. I quickly jump into action when assistance is needed whether it is family, friends or strangers.

After jotting down some notes and taking inventory of what I consider to be my comfort zone. I am now fully aware that I stick strictly to my comfort zone.  Not only am I in a box, the box is sealed with duct tape.

But with the realization also comes the realization that many of the opportunities I dream of encountering I will never get to experience because of my “in the box” mentality. How does the saying go?

If you always do what youve always doneyou will always get what youve always got

How can I say that I want to experience something new, exciting, different, something that elevates me to the next level if as far as I am willing to go is as far as I’ve already been?

So now it’s time to challenge my comfort zone and think outside the box.

Plan of action

Reconstruct my “box” …tear it down if necessary (most likelydeconstructing the box will be necessary)

On that note…I found this quote and I love it. I think it speaks to the very existence of what needs to be done!

To change one’s life…. Start immediately. Do it flamboyantly. No exceptions


2018 Master List


When I purchased my first Happy Planner this year one of the first bullet journal list that I incorporated was a 2018 Master List. It is basically a list of any and every goal I want to accomplish this year, any specific items I wanted to purchase, any task I wanted to tackle, any event I wanted to attend…basically everything I could possibly think of completing this year. The items ranged from things as small as read a memoir to purchase my first home. I got the idea from Pinterest, which I absolutely love, and as I think of things I’d like to conquer this year I add them to the list.

I currently have about 35 items on the Master List and I’ve only completed a total of about five items so far. I don’t think five is a bad  number when I consider the range of items on the list and that I am steadily adding to the list. Also, I must give myself kudos for being in constant action working to complete goals and being willing to try new things.


Here’s a peek at whats on my 2018 Master List

♥ Buy our first home

♥ Read at least a book per month

♥ Learn to braid my daughter’s hair

♥ Find an alternate income

♥ Support Memphis authors

♥ Join a writers group

♥ Self publish my first book

Once I decided to create a Master List I was quite surprised at how many things there were that I wanted to try but never even attempted. I was also surprised at how many goals I actually have, because before I actually wrote it down on paper if anyone had asked me I would have rattled  off a max of five lifetime goals which is nothing in comparison to what I have listed to complete just this year.

I’ve learned that for me, writing things down helps me to visualize them. I’ve always been a fan of journals, planners and cute stationery but making decision to sit down and plan out how each day should go has really granted me a form of peace of mind that I cannot explain. It helps me to hold myself accountable and to acknowledge my successes regardless of how small they may be.

By making the decision to set goals and MASTER them I’m also making the decision to plan a happy life.