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Dear Fantasia Barrino: Sing a Song Please

 Dear Fantasia Barrino,

Doesn't she look pretty in this photo!

Please stop the Yi-Yi-Yi. Your shoe –kicking, earring slinging, screaming, hollering and strutting have caused me to indiscreetly cancel my membership from the unofficial Fantasia Barrino fan club. Due to your latest performances I am giving you the side-eye something serious. Honestly Fantasia I wish you would get back to the basics and actually SING A SONG!!!  What you are doing right now resembles a cock-fight more than singing. It is horrific and I would like for you to reconsider your performance style.

Basically, what I am trying to say is, stop the Yi-Yi-Yi and sing the song!

I remember watching the third season of American Idol in 2004 and being impressed with your singing style and strong vocals. Each voting night I would pick up the phone and cast my vote for you Fantasia. I remember telling everyone, “That girl can sang!”  I rooted for you from the moment I realized that you had a good voice and that there was a story that accompanied your journey. I believed you deserved this opportunity at success.  When they announced that you were the winner I was overjoyed. When you stood there, tears down your cheeks, singing “I Believe” a few tears of joy slipped from my eyes also. I was proud of you and I thought that this opportunity would propel you from the pains of your past and lead you into a life of success and would also allow you to provide a better life for your daughter. I was happy for you Fantasia.

…that was then

Now when I see you on stage I don’t say “There goes Fantasia, she is going to sing,” instead I say, “There goes Fantasia I bet she will act a fool!” And guess what, each and every time I am right on the money. You get on stage, act like a cot dang fool and when you are done I haven’t heard a word of the real song!

Recently you sang at UNCF’s  An Evening of Stars  as they honored the legendary Chaka Khan and presented her with the Award of Excellence. Your performance at The Evening of Stars was the last performance that I have seen and as the previous ones it too was complete and utter foolishness. When your name was announced I almost grimaced. I wished for the best, but expected the worst.

Here you are singing  “Tell Me Something Good” by Chaka Khan and Rufus.

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