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A Man’s Guide to Dealing With an Angry Woman Who Won’t Abide By Her Own Silent Treatment

First of all let me say that I decided to write this post mainly from my own failed attempts at dishing out the world-famous, world-renowned silent treatment tactic. It is one of the oldest punishments women hand out to men and I would like to believe that at some point in time, maybe years ago, it worked.  As for now, sadly I don’t think that most women realize that many times after a heated argument men wish for the silent treatment. I would dare to say that the strange, blank, unresponsiveness stare displayed many times by men while women are “telling them off”  is a silent prayer that they will be issued the silent treatment. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that this is always the case, but many times it is.

A note of advice to the men, arguing with a woman is like arguing with a stop sign, they won’t be moved. And guess what, ignoring a woman while she is talking to you a.k.a “telling you off” is also a losing situation. If you say nothing then to her that means that you could care less about what she is saying and that is almost as bad as telling her that she is wrong…almost.

Now on to the not so silent, silent treatment…

Men, when a woman has decided that she is mad enough at you that she is going to resort to the silent treatment, don’t say anything that even resembles “I Don’t Care” or “I Can Do That Too”. Both of those responses will get you involved in another argument all together that will include topics that have nothing to do with what you had been previously arguing about. These things may range from something you did five years ago up to you forgetting the anniversary of your first kiss. Things will get really ugly if you try to provoke a woman who has decided to be silent…even though you both know that silence for her means not being nice and does not at all include not talking.

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Guest Blogger:What Really Grinds My Gears [By Ed “Mr. Chap” Chapman]

[I want to thank you, Black Girl Thinking for allowing me to speak on this stage.  I hope this is the first of many foreign-exchange posts between us.  You know, at first I didn’t know what to talk about, because our websites are a little different. (But) I was recently reminded of an incident that to this day, still isn’t funny.  So no laughing…I mean it.]

You know what really grinds my gears?  When people don’t flush the toilet after they finish using it.  I’m not talking about public restrooms,  I’m talking residential. Oh, I’m way beyond being merely annoyed at seeing yellow water in the toilet when I use someone’s bathroom.  After being accused of not flushing during a social gathering at a total stranger’s house, seeing an unflushed toilet brings out the worst in me. 

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