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The Lena Baker Story


The Lena Baker Story

I learned of Hope & Redemption: The Lena Baker Story when I saw Tichina Arnold on the Monique Show speaking of a movie that she would be starring in.  Before then, I had no clue as to who Lena Baker was. I had never heard the name before and I definitely did not know that she was an African-American woman who had been executed in the state of Georgia in 1945.   I later found out that Lena Baker was the first and only woman to be sentenced to death by the electric chair in the state of Georgia.

After reading the movie’s synopsis and viewing a trailer of the movie, I knew that it was definitely worth watching and even worth adding to my movie collection.

The Lena Baker story is one that is heart wrenching and sad. The movie recounts Lena’s life from her poverty stricken childhood, to a young lady trying to make easy money and then to a woman charged with capital murder for killing her employer.

Movie Synopsis

Just when it seems Lena may be able to forget the sorrow of her past, she is called to work for Elliot Arthur (Peter Coyote), a tyrannical white man known in Cuthbert for his angry disposition and drinking. Over time, Lena and Elliot develop a highly-charged relationship, filled with alcohol, cruelty and a troubling need for one another.

Elliot’s physical and mental abuse continues to escalate. He often kidnaps Lena from her home and imprisons her for weeks, keeping her from her children and mother. One particularly hot and humid night, Lena finally stands up for herself and attempts to break free from his bondage. A struggle ensues and the gun they tussle over accidentally goes off. Elliot Arthur, a white man, is shot by Lena Baker, an African-American woman. She is arrested soon after by the town’s sympathetic sheriff (Michael Rooker) who is helpless in the face of social mores of the time.

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5 Songs I Will Love Forever

Here is a list of some of my favorite songs. Of course since I am a Music Lover there will be other lists to follow, so this is the first of many to come… First this was going to go under BGT Randomness, since I honestly could care less about grammar and informative content for this post, but then I thought about the fact that there will be other music lists to follow and decided that this should be an “actual” blog post.

I present to you 5 Songs I Will Love Forever!

(click the accompanying picture to view the song’s video the music video)

Lyfe Jennings – Must Be Nice


Lyfe Jennings - Must Be Nice


This song is so spectacular to me because when I first heard it I was like hey he is talking about me ヅ I also appreciated the lyrics so much, because it came around the time that I was getting pretty sick and tired of hearing a bunch of bubble gums songs about nothing. Then came along Lyfe Jennings speaking on unconditional love. The kind of love that makes you say umph! I got something good going on here, I think I will stick with this one! Must Be Nice was a love song, but not a love song…you follow me? It was a hood anthem…and yall know how much I love hood anthems lol  Plus Lyfe is one of the FEW celebs that I be crushin’ on. I must have tweeted the man a million times on Twitter just because he responded once lol

JaRule ft. Ashanti – Always On Time

JaRule and Ashanti - Always on Time


Now I know it may seem like this is a list of hood love songs lol, but it’s not. This song was actually one of those songs that made me go woah did he actually say that. But then once I realized that  he did actually say that I was cool and I loved the song! I think the first thing about this song that grabbed my attention was the catchy beat….loved it! Now I just wish Rule and Ashanti could both get it together and put out something worth listening to again!

Bone Thugs &  Harmony – 1st of tha Month

Bone Thugs N Harmony - 1st of tha Month

Right now this song is loaded onto my phone’s MP3 player. I almost set it as my incoming call ringtone, but that wouldn’t pan out right if it rang out loud by mistake one day while I was at work. Set aside the fact that I had a major crush on Bizzie Bone…that has nothing to do with me being a fan of Bone Thugs in Harmony. I loved just about every song they made. 1st of tha Month was another one of those songs that had a catchy beat that immediately grabbed me. They were rapping about real life…not necessarily my life…but real life. Each one of the group members adds their own special something to the collaboration which makes the group a hit. I am still a Bone Thugs N Harmony fan. Tell me who else has or can do what they did?

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