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Book Love

lovebooksMy love for reading has resurfaced!

I wouldn’t say that I ever got to the point where I didn’t love reading but there was a span of time where I couldn’t finish any book I started so I just stopped adding books to my Books to Be Read List.

But for avid readers usually the love for reading never dies and eventually you find yourself intertwined with a book that makes you remember why you love a good book.

I’d say the book that did it for me was Mary Monroe’s One House Over. Mary Monroe has always been one of my favorites and as soon as I read the first chapter it felt like old times. The nostalgia over my years of working in the public library engulfed me. Working in the library fed my love of reading and allowed me the opportunity to read as many books as my book loving self could possibly read. I loved it.

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A Year of Reading & Writing

booksI’ve been slacking big time in the reading department and the writing department.

I start to read books, excellent books I might add and 20 pages in I put them down only to leave them there unread.

I start blog entries only to leave them as drafts.

Well I did submit a query letter to a lit agency in December, fingers still crossed that something positive will come of that.

But how can a writer proclaim to love the craft if they never indulge in it?

How can I sharpen my skills if I never put them to work?

I’ve dedicated my life mainly to being a mother and wife, however writing has always been a part of me that screams when I neglect it. So this year I promise to nurture my writing, to   indulge in juicy books, to write reviews, to blog regularly and to live this year in reading and writing bliss.

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