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Book Review : Glorious

Glorious by Bernice McFadden

Publisher: Akashic Books (May 1, 2010)

Black Girl Thinking Review 

GloriousI’ve read the very last word of Glorious and days later I still want to wrench Meredith Tomas’s neck. Not only do I want to wrench it, I want Easter to join me and get so upset all over again that she pushes me out the way and takes over, wrenching Meredith’s neck until the word HATE diminishes and is left as only words scribbled on paper.

When I began reading this book the prologue grabbed me and shook me. Throughout the duration of the book :If he, if they, if she was chanted over and over in my head and I couldn’t shake free of it. I’d been warned from the first “If”. It told me that things wouldn’t turn out good, that there’d be no happy ending but I kept reading anyway, even though I’d been warned…

From the moment I read the words “The beginning of the end looked like a brand-new day for Easter” I knew that things wouldn’t turn out too pretty for Easter Bartlett. I knew that her hurt would run even deeper than what I’d read so far about her childhood in Waycross, GA.

I didn’t pick this book up expecting to weep for Easter but I did; from the pain of her childhood experiences all the way up to the moment she was crouched down digging into the earth searching for what she no longer had room for.

As Rain was introduced into the story my eyebrow rose, my neck stiffened and I felt the need to roll my eyes. Her height, her face, her arrogance, I despised it all. I wanted to snatch that expensive scarf from around her neck and make her stop being Rain…but I couldn’t. I couldn’t hate Rain because I felt sorry for her. Her story was a painful one just as Easters was.

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