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Celebration of Blackness

 I have decided that instead of celebrating Black History Month this year, from now on I will Celebrate Blackness all year-long. I, along with many others have grown tired of the same old song and dance each February as Black History Month is “scheduled” to be celebrated. The same programming, showcasing the same historical figures each and every year is simply not enough. You will see programs about Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King and the other notables that are recognized on a yearly basis. Please don’t get me wrong, I am thankful that during this scheduled time of celebration we may catch a speech by Martin Luther King Jr., get to view our favorite Blaxploitation films and catch missed episodes of our favorite black sitcoms. But for the most part you will see exactly what you saw the year before and every other year that you can remember during Black History Month.

A post over at the No Warning Shots Fired Blog helped me to realize that when it comes to Black History I want to know more and I want to do more. I wanted to do my part in not only acknowledging those trailblazers and pioneers that paved the way for us, but I also wanted to celebrate everything black. Personally I have found the beauty of my blackness and the uniqueness of blackness intrigues me. Therefore my contribution to the celebration will be poems, short stories, informative articles, good news, and other tidbits; all that showcase that which is black. Black History, Life, Culture, Music, Poetry, Art, Black Love, Black America and anything else that comes to mind. Hopefully my readers will enjoy these posts as much as I will enjoy writing them.

Onward to the Celebration of Blackness!

Side note: As I was googling I came across this website

oh and another Side note: I have come across some wonderful blogs by Black people that are just so unique and special that I would like to spotlight them here on my blog. There are sooooo many wonderful blogs, but I will try to spotlight as many of those that I can that just blew me away!


Hide in the Closet Pleeeaaase Part I

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Today I decided to try and log into my old account and to my surprise I remembered the username and password  (I haven’t been over there in ages) Well back when I was a part of that community, I did a segment of blogs called “Da Dilemma” blogs. Each post was a story that was based on a specific dilemma. I loved those blogs 🙂 I decided that I will post some of them here. I hope you enjoy!


Da Dilemma: Hide in the Closet Pleeeaaase Part I

closetdoorRita Jones is trying something new in life. She is 30 yrs old, single and ready to mingle. In the past she has had a hard time with relationships so now she is no longer looking for Mr. Right. With her new outlook on love also came a new outlook on life, including a move to a nicer apartment and a new job.

About a month after she moved into the new apartment she noticed that her next door neighbor was quite a handsome guy and since she was trying “something new” She decided to ask him out. After they were both in the elevator one day, she made small talk with him, found out that his name was Shon and he was single so Rita asked him out. He agreed and actually seemed a little bit surprised that she had taken the initiative to ask him out.

After about a month of casual dating and sex, Rita realized that she liked Shon a little bit more than she wanted to admit, but they both had agreed that they wouldn’t push the relationship thing. One night while having drinks at Shon’s apartment, there was a knock at the door. Both Shon and Rita seemed surprised because he never had visitors unless it was one of his boys and no one ever showed up unexpectedly. Shon went to answer the door and Rita immediately knew that something was wrong. Shon came back without opening the door and Rita noticed that he was kind of tip toeing. He had a worried look on his face when he sat down beside Rita on the sofa. Rita asked him what was wrong and he looked at her and said “Rita I hate to ask you this, but can you go hide in the guest bedroom closet, I wouldn’t ask you this if it weren’t an emergency, but I really need you to go in there, it won’t be for long”.

Rita knew he had to be kidding, she was a grown ass woman and she was not about to go hide in someone’s closet for any reason…emergency or not. Rita blatantly told Shon no, and he damn near begged her to go hide in the closet. When she saw how serious he was about it she asked him who was at the door and he refused to tell her, he just said he needed her to get in the closet and he would explain later.

After he begged a little bit more Rita agreed, but told him that if it took more than fifteen minutes she wouldn’t care who was in there with him, she was coming out and demanding an explanation. Rita picked up her pumps from the floor, grabbed her purse and went to hide in the closet.

Rita sat in that closet for what seemed like an eternity. She looked at her watch and realized that she had been in there almost 30 minutes. Just as she was about to open the closet door she heard Shon out in the hallway arguing with a man. He kept saying over and over to Shon “I know what the fuck you are doing, you think you are so smart I know it Shon I know it.” Rita remained in the closet not knowing what to do. The guy then told Shon that he was not leaving until he found out the truth.

Rita didn’t know what to do. Next came loud thumps and bumps as if Shon and the guy were fighting. Then she heard a loud crash and she KNEW they were fighting. Rita stood in the closet feeling trapped and scared. She didn’t know who this guy was or what he was capable of, but she knew she couldn’t stay in the closet all night….

…so she just stood there..listening and waiting.

Should Rita stay in the closet until Shon tells her it is okay to come out, or does she come out and face whatever lies ahead?