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Our Allotted Time aka Black History Month

Generations of Creative GeniusSo….

I almost missed Black I History Month…and I don’t mean just blogging, I mean I literally almost forgot that this was Black History Month. And the media didn’t help me out much because they didn’t do much talking about it. I did see a few previews for programming that would air during the month but there wasn’t much hoopla this year about the one month that black people are supposed to be celebrated. It’s almost as if they forgot about us this year; they meaning them and us.

Did Roots come on this month? What about Go Tell it on the Mountain, The Color Purple or Do the Right Thing? I didn’t see any of those movies, neither did I really hear anyone saying “It’s Black History Month!”

Is this the beginning of the end? Is this how Black History Month will gradually be eliminated? Is this phase 1 of no special month for you people? It is scary to think that the one month they did allow us could now be taken away from us. What is even sadder is that we ever bought into the fact that we were given one month out of the year to celebrate being black and WE ACCEPTED IT. Not only did we accept it, we bragged about it, we smiled and jigged and enjoyed it. We loved being given one month to say “Black is Beautiful”.  We were so proud to have an entire month to report on and talk about the important black folk who had paved the way so that we could arrive. Our hearts were made glad that we had received the special treatment of an entire month allotted to us to celebrate the successes of black people. After all we have contributed to very much of America’s history. We have invented today’s necessities, broken records, written and sang timeless songs and danced our way into history…just not into history books.

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Once Upon a Time When We Were Mothers

"Mama" by Chidi Okoye
“Mama” by Chidi Okoye

Being a mother is one of the toughest jobs one can ever take on. The rewards of motherhood are substantial, but speaking as a mother myself, motherhood is tough; motherhood is tiring, motherhood is demanding; motherhood is at times overwhelming….

I could go on and on about how hard being a mother is, but that may give someone (somewhere) the inkling of a thought that the fact that motherhood is tough gives anyone the reason to be less than a mother.

Over the last couple of years I have seen story after story on the news of mothers taking their children’s lives, mothers being arrested for abusing or attempting to sell their children and honestly it disgusts me. As I type this I glance over at my 8 month old daughter and wonder how anyone could purposely hurt a baby? It is something I will never understand, and I know that in some of the cases we hear about in the news the mothers suffer mental illnesses, but what about those that just really intentionally do harm to their children….just because?

This blog entry was not really aimed at those mothers that have hurt or harmed their children due to some mental illness (known or unknown). This entry is about the irresponsible, selfish, ignorant mothers that choose men, material things, money and basically anything that is gratifying to them over the welfare and wellbeing of their children. These are the mothers who leave their small children home alone so they can go to the club. Then when a neighbor finally reports her to Children Services (because she does this almost every weekend) she figures she knows exactly which neighbor it is so she goes to the neighbor’s house to pick a fight. She curses the neighbor out in front of her own children and the neighbor’s children and gets even more enraged when the neighbor refuses to fight. She only leaves the neighbor’s yard after the neighbor threatens to call the police.  These are the mothers who didn’t buy their children any school supplies because she spent her money on a new weave and getting her nails done. THEN they went to the school crying and asking for uniforms to be donated to her children because the school sent a note home on the first day saying that the child must be in uniform THEN after she was told that they had no help for her she got mad and cursed out the secretary, guidance counselor and school security officer. THEN she patted her ass and told them to kiss it on her way out the door. These pitiful inconsiderate mothers that I speak of are the ones who would tell their children that they are stupid and ugly because to them the child’s father is stupid and ugly and since she is mad at the father, the child is mistreated.

Whatever happened to doing the best you could for your children? We all know that times are rough and that oftentimes there are more bills than paycheck; we all understand that. But what about the children? What about doing your very best for them regardless of what you have or don’t have.

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