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On a Blue Monday Try a Little Tenderness

Blue Monday by Annie Lee

Somewhere along the winding road of turmoil

I gave up the ghost and died

Not physically you see, I died from the pain inside

My blues was like no other, my tears drenched my face

I had given up on living; my life was such a waste

I lie in bed thinkin’; wishing the rain would fall

I clenched my pillow tight, for with clenched fingers I couldn’t call

I couldn’t call that awful man that hurt me so deep and bad

I couldn’t beg him for his love OR the love he never had

I closed my eyes real tight and tried to forget his ways

I wanted nothing of him, yet I wanted his yeses and Okays

I’d loved him more than enough, yet I’d received no love in return

For my tears and heartache the man showed no concern

I lie in bed awake, yet wishing to be asleep

When suddenly on the radio, I heard a voice so sweet

The gentleman crooned a love song, one that was like a lullaby to the ear

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