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pit·y par·ty


  1. an instance of indulging in self-pity or eliciting pity from other people.


emojiblogSometimes I think of all of the personal things I’d like to blog about and immediately realize that I cannot blog about them….sigh

It kind of defeats the purpose of having a personal blog when you can’t really make it as personal as you’d like it to be.

Sometimes I contemplate the idea of creating a blog where I can hide and blog about any and everything I’d like to blog about. A blog with no “real” author so that I can write without considering others feelings, one where I won’t face judgment for how I really feel because there is no “face” behind the writings.

On another note….

I’ve graduated my first child Yay…but really not yay. I have had such a plethora of emotion since graduation day that I am not really sure how I feel. I am so proud of my oldest son for pushing through and graduating from high school. There are so many things that happen daily in the lives of young  which can easily discourage them from being and doing positive yet my child did the right things and now has his high school diploma. I on the other hand sat home the night of his graduation purposely trying to get drunk, thinking about how many mistakes I made while raising him. I shed a few tears over the fact that I miss him as a boy so much, then I realized that I have three other children here and getting drunk and throwing a pity party is absolutely not an option.

Of course I still wanted to throw the pity party, but it’s kind of hard to do that when nursery rhymes are your background music and anytime you have even a dot, as my daughter would call it of quiet time, someone is guaranteed to swear they need you for an emergency, which won’t actually be an emergency, just an opportunity to disturb any dot of peace and quiet they THINK you may be indulging in.


  1. 1.
    a small round mark or spot.

Other than reliving the past 18 years of my life almost daily I would say I’ve been pretty good. 😐 I’ve joined a book club, purchased a family membership for the Kroc Center,  I’m researching adding an additional stream of income and I’m preparing for summer break shenanigans with the kiddos.

How have you guys been?


I Asked Myself


I asked myself this very question today and immediately felt ashamed at how much of a slacker I’ve become. But unlike many times in the past I won’t throw myself a pity party or get my blame fingers cocked and ready. No, I will take ownership for sailing through life as if each day isn’t precious enough that I should use each moment wisely. 

I will acknowledge that there is a list of things I proclaim to want in life yet I am not taking the steps to obtain them.

I won’t make excuses, I’ll just say…Mona Do Better!