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Ode to Love & Its Messenger, Music (post 1)

There is nothing like hearing your significant other say all the right things…sigh

Love is something special people, and I’m not just saying that because I’m in love, I’m saying it because it has forever and always will be true. And to think about it music has always played a major part in passing on the message of love. Music spreads the message of love in such a unique and wonderful way…I ♥ MUSIC

With that being said, this blog post is an ode to love and to music spreading the beautiful message of love. The songs posted will be random (because yall know I am very random at times) and this blog entry will not and definitely could not possibly encompass all of the wonderful love songs that have been written.

This first song is one that I hadn’t heard for a while but tonight as I tuned in to VH1 Soul Player (love me some VH1 Soul Player) this song was coming on and immediately I remembered how awesome it was. PLUS I have always been a huge Ladies Love Cool James fan so anything he says I’m ready and willing to hear. LL said something with this song. Check out the lyrics

(and we won’t even discuss LL eating with those chopsticks…woah now lol)

Baby smile today
Cause I’ve been imagining more ways
I’m gon’ love you better
When your friends’ll see you too
Just when you think there’s nothin’ else I can do
I’m gon’ love you better
-LL Cool J

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Booker T. Washington High School, Memphis TN-2011 Race to the Top Finalists

I am proud to announce that my alma mater, Booker T. Washington High School  in Memphis, TN  has been selected as one of six finalists in the 2011 Race to the Top Commencement Challenge for an opportunity to have President Barack Obama serve as their keynote speaker at their 2011 commencement ceremony. Booker T. Washington was chosen as a finalist from thousands of entries of which nearly six-hundred met the rigorous criteria.

The Commencement Challenge invites public high schools across the country to demonstrate how their school best prepares them for college and a career, helping America win the future by out-educating our competitors and achieving President Obama’s goal of having the highest proportion of college graduates in the world by 2020.

The 2011 Race to the Top Commencement Challenge Finalists are:

To find out more about The Race to the Top High School Commencement Challenge please visit —–>

Public voting to narrow the schools from six to three begins on Thursday, April 21, 2011 and ends Monday, May 2, 2011.