1502587569746That one time you thought you were completely done with blogging but shit got real in the United States and you had a lot to say about it…

I must admit I am the most slacking, barely here, sometimes rarely here blogger ever. I pop in every now and then, make promises to blog, renege on them then take my black ass back under the rock I’ve been hiding under. I suck when it comes to frequent posts, updates and keeping the people informed or entertained.

I’m ashamed to say that I start projects and never finish them. I mean tons of projects from journaling projects, to ideas I have for grants, book projects and the list goes on and on. HOWEVER I do have something to blame it on LIFE! Life has had ya girl in a chokehold. Being a mommy and wife with a full-time job and my foot half way in the door of college (yes I said halfway because I slack in that area also) is a heavy load for a sistah…shit got real when I had those last two children and had the nerve to say I would get my degree. Not only did shit get real, shit got critical. I’m barely surviving it.

If it weren’t for the sake of time and the fact that some child will be calling my name needing me for something or another in just a matter of time I would go into my own rendition of Langston Hughes Mother to Son. I swear the crystal stair part, tacks, splinters, torn up boards….allll that shit ALLLL Me.

However, even though life has been beating me with boards and sometimes a good one, two punch I have been very aware of the sad and shitty state of affairs of The United Stats of America. I’ve had so much to say. I’ve wanted so desperately to write, write and write some more. My heart has ached over all my people who have been gunned down by police officers. I’ve shared tears for babies I didn’t even now who lost their lives at the hands of foolish adults. I’ve been shaken by so many black children gone missing. The threat of war has me in shock.

One day I looked up and realized that Trump was indeed our president. He was, it couldn’t be taken back. Our Barack was no longer our hero in the White House, now we had someone who made me want to give him the evil eye if we ever met in person. I mean a real, strong evil eye. The kind only a sistah can pull off. The kind that makes you feel the after effect of it even after she has taken her eyes off of you.

So yes, I’ve been absent but I have been around. I’ve been reading the same stories you’ve been reading. I’ve been seeing the same news stories, watching the same protests, having the same rollercoaster of emotions because of our current state of affairs.

This time around I won’t make any promises. But I will say that I’m here and I’ve been stirred. Just when I thought I could hold my peace the stirring inside said I could no longer do so.

I’ve been away my friends, but I remain #woke. I’ll see you around.





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