Book Snippet – The Best of Simple

The Best of SimpleI am currently reading The Best of Simple by Langston Hughes. The first handful of pages in I immediately realized how exceptional this work of literature is. Langston Hughes, one of the greatest to ever put pen to paper did a marvelous job with this one. The stories included in this collection are so relevant, yet comical. Each story probing you to read the next. While I get back to my reading, I’ll just leave this little snippet here for y’all from The Best of Simple.

I would pray a don’t-want-to-have-no-more-wars prayer, and it would go like this: ‘Lord,’ I would say, I would ask Him, ‘Lord, kindly please take the blood off of my hands and off of my brothers’ hands, and make us shake hands clean and not be afraid. Neither let me nor them have no knives behind our backs, Lord, nor up our sleeves, nor no bombs piled out yonder in a desert. Let’s forget about bygones. Too many mens and womens are dead. The fault is mine and theirs, too. So teach us all to do right, Lord, please, and to get along together with that atom bomb on this earth–because I do not want it to fall on me–nor Thee — nor anybody living. Amen!”
–Jesse B. Semple,

Langston Hughes. The Best of Simple. New York, NY: Hill and Wang, 1961. (reprinted 1989)


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