Why I’m Sick of Y’all Bashing Dr. Dre

Straight Outta Compton….The Story of N.W.A.

Over the past month or so I have read a never-ending stream of blog posts, Facebook statuses and articles written as part of a movement to bash Dr. Dre and stop people from patronizing the Straight Outta Compton movie.

Old bones have been dug up and skeletons have been gathered from the closet as if they were brand new.

Women from Dre’s past are being offered new opportunities to discuss Dr. Dre’s violent past. They are now back in the spotlight, once again being allowed the chance to tell the world how horrible a person Dr. Dre was and how the movie Straight Outta Compton was only a partial view of the villan known as Dr. Dre. Of course these were paid interviews…. And of course these women were only upset that their portion of Dr. Dre’s life was left out of the movie because this keeps him from looking like a bad guy. Or maybe they are a tad bit bitter that they were not written into the movie therefore no movie profits would land their way…

But this movie is not the story of Dr. Dre’s life, this is not his biography. Why not let this movie tell the story it was meant to tell; the story of N.W.A.

My issue with the many women who are suddenly advocates for women rights and have decided to not only boycott the movie but also encourage others to boycott it also is that why is Dr. Dre different from any other man who has committed a violent act towards a woman? Why is he now the king of women beaters and he needs to feel it in his pockets? Yet these same women who are so passionate about Dr. Dre’s history of domestic violence have not made ONE step to stop domestic violence in their own families and in their own communities. These women somehow have a bone to pick with Dr. Dre and the bone begins and ends in his pockets.  In their minds they have convinced themselves that making Dr. Dre pay monetarily today for acts of violence that took place over 20 years ago, will not only make his past victims whole but it will bring justice for victims of domestic violence everywhere. But how when y’all aren’t doing a damn thing about domestic violence BUT bashing Dr. Dre and asking people to not go see a movie that is NOT a Dr. Dre biography. How exactly are your blog posts and comments helping anyone? How will asking people to not see the movie help the woman down the street from you whom you have witnessed being abused by her boyfriend? You didn’t say a word then. You just thought to yourself “That is none of my business” and you turned your head and went about your way…but Dr. Dre is the devil and needs to be punished…again….

Another point I’d like to make is that any woman who takes part in this movement against Dr. Dre based on their belief that he has no respect for women should not dare be a fan of any of the following shows; Love and Hip Hop, Basketball Wives or  Real Housewives of Atlanta. You cannot in one sentence say that you are taking a stand against violence against women, exploitation of women and equal rights for women and in your next breath say that you are a fan of shows that exploit women, show women in continuous acts of violence against each other and overall make women out to look like money-hungry whores. The combination just does not match up.


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