Who’s Your Daddy? Mandatory Paternity Testing

I’ve changed my mind…

A while back I may, or may not have discussed with my readers my thoughts on mandatory paternity/DNA testing for newborn babies and their alleged fathers. As I recall I had a firm stance on why it was intrusive and violated the rights of both the mother and the child. (I was pretty sure I blogged about this but maybe not…)  But after giving it much thought and having a discussion with a family member about it, I have changed my mind, mandatory DNA testing is a good thing, it should be instituted in all states and this should happen ASAP.

…why such a huge turnaround in my stance on this issue?

Well one major factor was the extremely large amount of fathers who months or even years after the birth of a child find out that they are not actually the father of the child and that this was no mistake, oh no they were bamboozled. I know some of you may disagree with me on what I am about to say but any woman, and I do mean any woman who gets pregnant knows if there is a possibility that there may be more than one possible candidate as the child’s father. Say what you will, believe what you want but she knows and it is her duty to be truthful to the men that she could possibly be pregnant by. She is obligated…however too many times women don’t feel obligated to notify potential fathers that there may be other potential fathers and they allow themselves the authority and the choosing power of only notifying their “choice father” of the pregnancy. This is where a huge problem arises because just because he is the woman’s choice doesn’t mean he is the father. Women should do the right thing. Don’t let a man support you during pregnancy, plan for a child, sign a birth certificate and love and bond with a child that might not be his. If there is more than one potential father, a woman should do the right thing from the moment she finds out she is pregnant and that is inform any and all possible fathers of the pregnancy.

BUT since far too many women are doing the wrong thing instead of the right thing mandatory DNA testing immediately following the child’s birth would quickly and accurately determine if a man is the father of a child. He would then have no doubts, worries or concerns about whether he was the father of a child because he would know from day one that the child is his.

Mandatory paternity test after the birth of a child would not allow fathers to know immediately that they are indeed the father of a child but it will allow no room for either parent to doubt or deny the paternity of a child. This means no more using the excuse that you didn’t know for sure if you were the father of a child. This means women could no longer PICK the father of their child from their sexual partner pool and this also means that one step could be avoided during the child support process because from the day the child was born paternity had already been established.

There had been some talk about married couples and whether or not they should be excluded from mandatory paternity testing. I do feel that married couples should have the option to waive the testing, however they should be notified in writing that they were waiving their right to mandatory paternity testing which means by signing the birth certificate the father was voluntarily acknowledging that he was the father of the child.

Now lets talk about the child. If a mother feels violated by being mandated to have her baby  tested, how does she feel about lying to her child for years about who his/her father is, who is being violated when she refuses to tell the truth? Why should a child be allowed to believe that a task to tell the man who you love (or don’t really love) that someone else may be the father of the child, but it is the right thing to do. There comes a time that feeling humiliated or fear of a ruined reputation  have to be set aside for the good of the entire situation and everyone involved. True, it may hurt to tell the truth, but a lengthy lie will turn out to be far more hurtful.

I think requiring fathers and babies to be tested to prove paternity after the child’s birth would be a positive thing for all parties involved; mother, father, baby and the government (if they become involved). This is a win/win situation.

So what do you think? Is mandatory paternity testing a violation of civil rights? Or is this a step in the right direction to help alleviate deception, denial and doubt in child paternity?


6 thoughts on “Who’s Your Daddy? Mandatory Paternity Testing”

  1. i disagree. People need to have the values to get married and make a plan and commitment to the child they may make. When u say “mandatory” you are asking for yet another government program to control and regulate people who have zero control of themselves. Have some values and plan your furure and believe in god. With that said, govt mandates wont be needed.


  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting pyree.
    Whether there is mandatory paternity testing or not people are going to have babies. For those that make babies they cannot or do not plan to take care of, those babies 9 times out of 10 will end up receiving assistance from the government, why not have the father pinned down from day 1? When paternity is not determined at birth the government still goes after the father if the mother seeks assistance and the government still takes the steps to locate try and locate the father, determine paternity and make him pay child support.
    There is NO way that anyone can “make” people be responsible and have values. No one can “make” people get married before they have babies. Its just not possible, whether the testing is mandatory or not there will be babies born out of wedlock, many of them will not have a “determined father”. I just feel that since the government ends of involved many times anyway go ahead and do it on the front end.


  3. I completely agree. Paternity testing should be mandatory at birth BEFORE a father’s name is placed on a birth certificate.


  4. Except DNA testing is a violation of my child’s and my civil rights! I want nothing from the other contributor of my son’s DNA. This person was abusive to me and even attempted to run me over while I was pregnant. Turns out he completely lied about everything he and his family are. While pregnant, about six months, him and his father were arrested. Both drug dealers, though he got off on a technicality and his father is a pedofile. My son is almost one. I had zero help the entire pregnancy and since the baby was born. I was promised some money then was refused twenty dollars for diapers and had my arm violently slammed in the door. He attempted suicide a few days after my son was born. He wants to negatively influence my son. Him and his father are both criminals and both have threatened to have me murdered and kidnap my son. He told me the only thing keeping me alive is that he does not know sure sure if my son is related to him. So now I an being forced to do something that threatens my son and I for the rest if our lives and alo price that my ason is related to a pedofile. And the law does not care about our civil rights!


  5. Something that affects our lives for the rest of our lives. Also it has to be proven my son is related to a pedofile. It would not allow me to edit that before it was posted.


  6. This is not about the father’s right to know, child support frauds, or the mother’s dignity. A child also has every right to know the real father.

    Also women should definitely stop playing Virgin Mary’s here; according to AABB, up to 28,6% of paternity tests have been exclusive (father is someone else). According to various studies, from 20-60% of women have cheated at least once in their lives, the numbers are too high to dismiss as “only a minority of women do that”.

    A test doesn’t violate mother’s body, and can be performed with 99,999% certainty by taking simple saliva samples from father and baby. By making it mandatory, there will be no questions.


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