Teenagers….My Butt and My Molly

I’m older and I’d like to think that I am much wiser than I was as a teenager. Now that I have reached my thirties I oftentimes find myself appalled by the behavior displayed by  many of today’s teenagers. This is some very, very strange ish that I’m seeing, I mean very strange.  I remember being a teenager and I did my share of sneaky, wild, rebellious teenager stuff but woah what I have witnessed in the past few years is far, far beyond what I could have ever imagined as a teenager. Sure there were many of my classmates that smoked marijuana, drank alcohol and had sex but the level that today’s teenagers have taken these things is unspeakable. And I’d dare to say that social media has played a huge part in the disintegration of today’s youth. We cannot place the total blame of the moral deficit of teens on social media but we can point a stern finger.

Disturbing Teenage Behavior….it’s the norm….because somehow, somewhere, somebody said it was normal….

Blatant use of drugs. Using drugs is popular! well at least according to many teenagers drug use is not only popular, but it is mandatory, fun, necessary and the norm. This is proven by the fact that teenagers these days will hold public conversations or post statuses on Facebook and other media outlets discussing drug use. Now I may be old-fashioned but never in a million years would I have thought that we would see the day that teenagers would be screaming they are poppin Molly’s, (don’t know what a Molly is? find out here)  going to Pluto on marijuana and posting statuses about how they prefer kush over regular marijuana. (Wow these kids have kush money? what kind of allowances are they getting?) Drug use by teenagers is obviously widely accepted now because no one seems to become alarmed by their blatant use and discussion of illegal drugs.

My Butt, Look Back at it. Somehow, unbeknownst to me teenage girls must have received a bulletin that informed them that  having a big butt is a necessity and that if you are lucky enough to have one you MUST take multiple pictures of it and post it online. Every pose must display your butt and you have to look back at “it” (your butt) and not only will guys like you more because you have a big butt, but so will girls 0_O because girls liking other girls is also popular and the norm 0_O  And if you don’t have a big butt, poor you, you have to poke out the little butt you have on multiple pictures that you post online and maybe just maybe if you come across enough money once you reach eighteen you can “find” someone who administers butt injections and then you too can have a big butt and you can look back at it…..

I CAN TALK LOUD and say VULGAR THINGS, SEE HOW LOUD I CAN TALK. Another  bulletin must have gone out to teenagers that informed them that cursing and using disrespectful language in public is okay. The bulletin must have stated that not only should you curse and talk about all the sex you are having and drugs you are using but you should do it in a very LOUD voice because you want others to hear it. I remember back in the day when an adult walked past and a teenagers language was even a little bit foul that teenager would curb their foul mouth quick fast and in a hurry because they wouldn’t dare say inappropriate things in front of an adult. Now things have changed drastically. Now it seems as if teenagers feel no need to respect adults, whatever needs to be said will be said regardless of what adult is around, whether that adult be a parent, teacher, elderly person, pregnant woman, church member…it really doesn’t matter. The conversation will be foul, vulgar and LOUD.

My  body is my temple, so I shall  tattoo it as much as possible. At some point the art of tattooing has gotten the full attention of teenagers and they like it, a lot. I assume they are taking the my body is a temple scripture and utilizing it to its fullest potential…temples are often beautifully decorated correct? So teenagers have decided that placing various, meaningless tattoos on their bodies is a form of art, its beautiful. Well ummm not so much. Your tattoo of dead relatives names, pretty butterflies and skulls (oftentimes all on one person’s body) is not exactly beautiful, it actually says I have nothing to do with my time except allow friends to draw on my body like we did in kindergarten. Many of the tattoos are tasteless, meaningless and were done while the teenagers were sweating because they had just popped a Molly (I bet money on  it lol) Drug induced desire to pierce or tattoo your body happens regularly and even after the tattoos are done and the teen realizes they just got ANOTHER tattoo, it is no big deal because tattoos on teenagers is the norm…if you don’t have one you are the odd  ball.

I’m High and Freaky. We all know that teens having sex is unavoidable. Parents can give the talks, provide the information and even attempt to monitor their teens behavior but honestly most teens will still have sex. BUT why are so many of them having sex without protection while under the influence of drugs and then posting high statuses on social media sites about who they want to screw and why? When did it become okay to tell the world that you not only use drugs but you are a freak, oh and wait you are an even bigger freak when you are using drugs? Wait, when did it become okay for a teenager to even ADMIT that they were a freak? How is this acceptable behavior? Constantly statuses are posted on Facebook from teenagers who feel that it is okay to say they are freaky and are at that very moment under the influence of drugs, oftentimes multiple drugs. Again, how in the world did we get to the point where teenagers are using multiple drugs AND deciding that it is okay to solicit sexual partners via Facebook and Twitter by way of posting who wanna f**k lms (like my status)!!???

we are at a very sad state when these things are normal….

I guess these behaviors disturb me so much because I was a teenager not so long ago and things were so much different then. Public displays of sexual behavior and drug use were not nothing we set out to do. I won’t say that we didn’t participate in some disturbing and even some illegal behaviors, but the blatant desire to publicly display and demonstrate them is what shocks me even more than the behaviors. Where did we go wrong?

Where is the fear of using drugs that you honestly know nothing about? Why aren’t they afraid of what could happen if they pop a Molly….do they even wonder why poppin a Molly makes them sweat? (they love to hear him talk about poppin a Molly smh) Why is sex so important and why is being known for using drugs and having sex the norm? We can point fingers at television, music videos, parenting or lack of parenting and even peers BUT I feel that it is a combination of them all and that if a child wants to behave in these manners they will do so regardless of good parenting or not however it is up to the parents to step up and shut it down. Far too many parents are poppin a Molly and posting booty shots themselves to tell their children any different.

I have a 13-year old son and I pray that he doesn’t deviate from the good behavior he has demonstrated thus far. I know there may be some times on the road ahead where he gets out of line but I pray he remembers that I taught him to respect himself and to respect others. I pray he remembers that he does not have to do drugs or even TRY drugs to fit in because drugs won’t make him any more popular, drugs are not a positive thing, they are the opposite a negative. I hope my son continues to distance himself from trouble and not run to it as I see so many teenagers do. A parent can only hope their child goes down the right path but hope is nothing without a parent teaching their child, modeling the appropriate behavior yourself as a parent and praying for your child and teaching them to pray.


2 thoughts on “Teenagers….My Butt and My Molly”

  1. I am not a girl but I just had a similar conversation with my friends about this same thing. I often say, ” I remember that we got clowned on if we did drugs back in my day.” “But now, if you don’t you get clowned and called lame.” Times often change and its not always for the best. Great post.


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