Bittersweet Memories

I remember way back when….

When the phrase was “Excuse me” and not “Excuse you”

When did the tables turn? If I am not mistaken, if you need to get by, you are the one that needs to be excused…

So much has changed since the days when I was a youngster popping gum like fireworks and exploring my old neighborhood..freely…safely….

So much has changed since children rode bicycles in packs and parents knew who their children played with because they talked over the fence, in the driveways, at the supermarket, at the schools and as they sat out on front porches sipping something light and watching their children play.

….so much has changed

I would never imagine that people would make horrendous remarks about the President of this country and nothing be done about it. Growing up I felt that it must be a crime to down talk the president because no one dared get on national television and call the president out of his name and no one definitely had the nerve or audacity to point their finger in his face….

….but I remember the time also when having a black president was only a dream….

So much has changed…I don’t like it

I liked the days when students didn’t walk into schools and commence to shooting sprees on their peers

I enjoyed the days that little girls wore ponytails until they were no longer little girls

I adored those days way back when ….

…when you had ten play cousins and you would fight for each and every last one of them

…when dodge ball, hopscotch, kick ball and curb ball were a part of childhood life

…when parents were parents and not friends of children that they wanna befriend instead of raise

…when young folk respected their elders; they cleared a path for them to walk by and they promptly stopped any foul talk when an elderly person approached them

…when schools had Charlotte’s Web and The Berenstain Bears movies in the library and you watched them over and over and over….

…when getting a spanking was normal, not abuse, you could get it at home, at school, at family’s house…

…when you admired your mother because she was pretty, she was strong, yet she was set apart and deserving of everyone’s respect, especially yours

…when home cooked meals were the norm and fast food was a fantasy

…when The Ojays played in backyards while the bbq grill filled the air with savory smells and families got together without fighting…or shooting each other

…when seven-year olds weren’t on suspension they were in backyards shooting marbles

…when twelve-year olds weren’t in gangs, they were at the community center playing basketball and hanging out with friends

…when name brands didn’t matter so much. You and your friends were okay because you all had nothing and nothing was okay because you all had it

…when you didn’t even realize you were poor because you were having so much fun being happy and free…

Now…things have changed….and I don’t like it.


7 thoughts on “Bittersweet Memories”

  1. I agree. So much has changed…I used to think that change was good. For the most part, it is – evolution happens. But wow…when did things change so drastically? When did it become okay to sexualize children? When did youngsters stop respecting their elders? When did people start picking and choosing who to show manners to? *SIGH* I’m not THAT old, but sometimes I feel like I’m older than I should be, if that makes any sense…

    Great post.


  2. I’m 30 and I remember being a teenager and having such a high regard for elderly people but now I see teens cursing, smoking and doing whatever and if an adult or elderly person passes by they carry on…no respect at all.

    So much has changed so I just try to instill the same things in my children that my mother and family instilled in me when I was a child.


  3. I’m 29 and the great, innocent behavior that you are describing stopped when I was about 11 years old and children became disrespectful, gang-related behavior rose significantly, and spankings became ‘abuse’ all at that time – nearly 20 years ago.

    You must have lived in a good neighborhood, because innocence left a LONG time ago!


  4. So so true, teenagers have no respect for the old generation.. the ones who know everything about life because they have been there. I am 31 and I have a greater appreciation for the old generation than many people that are my age. Great blog… your a sweetheart.


  5. I think that everything repeats itself and that each generation points out the negatives about the next generation. I’m sure parents were not welcoming rap music with open arms or even the pot smoking hippies of the 60’s. There are the good and bad parts of each generation, I think. Good writing though.


  6. Excellent article. You must remember because his mother is white he is not black. He is of mixed race just like most of us. My wise uncle said more than once that no matter who is is office whether we voted for him or not that we should support him and stand behind him because of who he is and deserves respect. A lot has changed through the generations and respect is one of them. One thing that will never change is God. We can count on him every day and every time trouble arises. We need a God fearing man in the White House every time. Obama may be one. I do not know his heart. We can never loose with God in the White House.


  7. You have a wonderful articulate way of writing. I love how well you use imagery. Thank you and I am going to be reading a lot more.


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