Why People Don’t Give a Damn About Voting: A BGT Rant

October 6, 2011 I voted in the Memphis Municipal Election.

I went into the almost vacant polling station, I walked up to imaginary voting line but was immediately ushered over to the table (since there was no line), I got my card, I cast my votes and five minutes later I was walking back to my car.

As I was voting, I scanned over the candidates names and some of them I was very familiar with and some I had never heard of before.  Being that I already knew who I was voting for before I arrived, I quickly made my selections and took note that many of the candidates names were the same scoundrels who stayed hogging the airwaves all year long due to their scandalous behavior or their messy meeting manners.

Then election time comes and they put on their spiffy clothes and begin campaigning. They go into the neighborhoods they wish to represent sticking campaign signs in people’s yards (These are the same neighborhoods they won’t even get a pothole fixed in or make sure the parks are clean and the grass is cut). They smile really bright and recite their rehearsed bullshit.

However, I have lived in Memphis 30 years and I don’t see much of shit that they are doing. Excuse my language but what exactly are they doing besides holding meetings just to criticize each other and act like low-class clowns?

All year-long we see politicians making the news for acting like douchebags, yet when election time comes they start their campaigning and lying. I think they keep index cards in their purses and pockets just to remember the crap they have rehearsed.

Dear citizens, I will fight for your rights, I will bring jobs back to this city, I won’t raise taxes blah blah blah….

Yet once they are elected the jiggin’ starts. Everything they told the citizens goes out the window. Suddenly unemployment isn’t important because their jiggin’ ass is employed and so is their mother, sister, brother and every other close relative. Those that aren’t employed they will surely do their best to find them a good job with the City regardless of the other 500 applicants who applied and were never hired.

Their next order of business is to find ways to spend money that they proclaimed all year-long that the city didn’t have. The money they’d like to spend on ANOTHER unnecessary yet somehow mandatory item is the same money they fought at city council and other political meetings about all year-long.

So is the city broke or not? Hell one minute yall are screaming we are broke, the kids can’t even to go school, yet 2.5 seconds later yall are finding ways to spend even MORE money.

Either I’m slow or politicians are crooked as hell AND can only care about spending money wisely when it’s theirs!

So on election day when the polling stations are vacant as hell maybe the politicians should talk to some of the people who don’t vote and see why they choose not to. I wonder if they would like to hear the truth about why people who are eligible to vote won’t even do so…

This is what I have heard over and over again from people who can but DON”T vote

  • I don’t vote because my vote doesn’t count anyway
  • I don’t vote because all of the politicians are the same, once they win they don’t do anything they promised to do.
  • I don’t vote because this entire city is full of crooked politicians,we can’t win for losing.
  • I don’t vote because things never change whether we get a Democrat or a Republican the outcome is the same.

I am in no way saying that I agree with people not voting, but I am saying that I can totally relate to their reasons for not voting.

I am proud to have the right to vote, especially since our ancestors fought for this right, and if for no other reason than that I will make it my business to cast my vote during each election.

…..lonely I stand in the imaginary line at the polling station….Five minutes max is all it takes because there is no one there to hold up the line or even FORM the line…

and by the way the  Memphis/Bass Pro deal is one of the stupidest ideas I have heard in quite some time. More money for more bullcrap that the city doesn’t need. I don’t know of ONE person who will be utilizing a Bass Pro Shop the size of the Memphis Pyramid…I wonder which politician thought up this one?!??!



4 thoughts on “Why People Don’t Give a Damn About Voting: A BGT Rant”

  1. Black Girl:

    A lot of blood was shed in this country for us to have the right to vote. Black people who don’t vote are killing us. A lot of us don’t know who we’re voting for, what we’re voting for, and so forth. What do you believe in, blackwoman…blackman? Add the fact that a lot of blackmen can’t vote because they have felony records, avoiding jury duty, criminality…Insanity!



  2. Sorry I am late posting to this, but I agree with you. I voted, but it seems like the same trifling politicians get back in office time after time after time. What is wrong with the people here??!! We need new blood, new people, new ideas…NEW NEW NEW…because the same old ways, the same old people are not getting ANYTHING DONE!!! Memphis could be a very prosperous city, but no one has the vision to take it there. It is like status quo is always at work here. I am sorry, but there is one politician that stays in the news for drinking and always saying something off the wall….how does this person continue to get in office? And YES YES YES…the Bass Pro deal is insane!! For a city that is strapped with debt problems, cutting salaries and community programs they have the audacity to APPROVE $215 million dollars to finance the remodel of the Pyramid??!! WTH!!! I will be totally shocked if Bass Pro even comes here. I predict we (taxpayers) will throw all this money at that deal and in the end it will fall through. Even if they do come I bet the deal includes tax breaks for like 10+yrs or something in which case the city WILL NOT immediately start to make their money back for 10yrs. This city is run by idiots!!!


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