Hiatusing..again BUT Black Girl Thinking Thinks Memphis?

Hello readers,

I guess you probably noticed that I have taken yet another, unplanned, unannounced, rather lengthy hiatus from blogging. And yes it was unplanned, just as the others were, and just as before it was due to a heavy combination of superwoman duties that have snatched away the time I would generally have to blog.

BUT while I was hiatusing (I’m sure that’s not a word) I began to brainstorm on some new ideas for The Black Girl Thinking Blog. One of them is first and foremost an upgrade. It is long overdue, I just have never come to a conclusion about how much of an upgrade and how to upgrade…but anywho it is in the works now so be on the look out for a new and improved Black Girl Thinking blog. If you guys have any ideas feel free to share them.

I am open to hearing what my readers and visitors to the blog would like to see here. Another major transformation that will be taking place will be the incorporation of a Memphis feel to The Black Girl Thinking Blog. Many of you may know that I live in Memphis, TN either from reading the blog or from my tweets if you follow me on Twitter. Well I would like to add more about my hometown here on the blog, without taking away from the general Black Girl Thinking “stuff” that makes this The Black Girl Thinking Blog. How I will accomplish this, I am unsure of at this point BUT I have an abundance of ideas about it floating around in my head, so the end result can only be fantastic.

 So with that being said, hopefully I will get a few blog entries in before the blog gets re-arranged. What should I blog about. Some of you guys send me suggestions, and I really do appreciate them…have any now? lol

Oh and I MUST thank my readers who send me encouraging emails inspiring me to continue writing my book and to keep blogging. I really do appreciate you guys taking the time to write me. Whenever I get this book finished I may need some of you to read a few chapters to see if it is any good 🙂

One thought on “Hiatusing..again BUT Black Girl Thinking Thinks Memphis?”

  1. I love when Memphis is in the blog!

    Love reading any of your stuff, especially being from Memphis myself.

    It always makes me think/cracks me up. Sometimes simultaneously.


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