UPDATE- Police Now Have a Sketch of Memphis Serial Killer

Recently I blogged about the “possible” serial killer that was targeting prostitutes in Memphis, TN. He has killed three women and attempted to kill another, but the 5th victim survived. This 5th victim, who was shot in the face by the suspect gave the police the only description they have of the killer who is murdering women in Memphis and tossing their bodies on the side of the road.

Here is the article about the killer targeting prostitutes Serial Killer

Here is the update from Fox 13 Memphis including the description of the killer, his vehicle information and a sketch.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Police have a sketch of the man who sources say may be responsible for the deaths of several Memphis prostitutes. FOX13 first told you about a possible serial killer targeting prostitutes earlier this month.

The sketch was made possible after a prostitute gave cops a description of the man who shot her in the face, tossed her from his car, and left her for dead. After doing some digging, we’ve learned this same person may have killed those other women we told you about earlier this month.

This is the person sources say may be responsible for the deaths of three prostitutes and for shooting a fourth woman and leaving her for dead- all of which happened within a 30 day span.

Police released the sketch after a woman gave them a description of a man she said shot her multiple times in the face and then threw her from his car. It happened on Ledger Road on February 26th, days after three other prostitutes were killed.

To read the full story from Fox 13 Memphis, click here.

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