On a Blue Monday Try a Little Tenderness

Blue Monday by Annie Lee

Somewhere along the winding road of turmoil

I gave up the ghost and died

Not physically you see, I died from the pain inside

My blues was like no other, my tears drenched my face

I had given up on living; my life was such a waste

I lie in bed thinkin’; wishing the rain would fall

I clenched my pillow tight, for with clenched fingers I couldn’t call

I couldn’t call that awful man that hurt me so deep and bad

I couldn’t beg him for his love OR the love he never had

I closed my eyes real tight and tried to forget his ways

I wanted nothing of him, yet I wanted his yeses and Okays

I’d loved him more than enough, yet I’d received no love in return

For my tears and heartache the man showed no concern

I lie in bed awake, yet wishing to be asleep

When suddenly on the radio, I heard a voice so sweet

The gentleman crooned a love song, one that was like a lullaby to the ear

His words were so touching, his voice was so sincere

He said “Young girls may be weary” and yes weary I was

I was weary and heartbroken over a no-good love

He gave a word of advice that touched the depths of my heart

All men needed to hear this, all men should know this part

He said “Try a little tenderness that’s all you gotta do”

But how did this man know this, when my no good man had no clue

He said “Love is their only happiness” and those words calmed my lowly heart

This man must really know me, even though we were miles apart

I lie in bed listenin’ as he told of poor ole me

But how had this man known what would make me truly happy

I closed my eyes even tighter and meditated on his song

And sooner than later to sleep I had succumb

This sweet man and his song, had made my pain a little less

I still remember his words…try a little tenderness


Poetry by Black Girl Thinking

Song Lyrics Referenced-Try a Little Tenderness by Otis Redding

Artwork by Annie Lee


3 thoughts on “On a Blue Monday Try a Little Tenderness”

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  2. Trying to form the words ….. here goes. I do not have an adjective that can sincerely and completely compliment your poem and the art that accompanies it. Poignant and beautiful and it reaches deeply into ones heart and grabs it tightly wrenching the breath from my chest. I am more of a prose kinda woman but your poem catches my breath!



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