Celebration of Blackness


 I have decided that instead of celebrating Black History Month this year, from now on I will Celebrate Blackness all year-long. I, along with many others have grown tired of the same old song and dance each February as Black History Month is “scheduled” to be celebrated. The same programming, showcasing the same historical figures each and every year is simply not enough. You will see programs about Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King and the other notables that are recognized on a yearly basis. Please don’t get me wrong, I am thankful that during this scheduled time of celebration we may catch a speech by Martin Luther King Jr., get to view our favorite Blaxploitation films and catch missed episodes of our favorite black sitcoms. But for the most part you will see exactly what you saw the year before and every other year that you can remember during Black History Month.

A post over at the No Warning Shots Fired Blog helped me to realize that when it comes to Black History I want to know more and I want to do more. I wanted to do my part in not only acknowledging those trailblazers and pioneers that paved the way for us, but I also wanted to celebrate everything black. Personally I have found the beauty of my blackness and the uniqueness of blackness intrigues me. Therefore my contribution to the celebration will be poems, short stories, informative articles, good news, and other tidbits; all that showcase that which is black. Black History, Life, Culture, Music, Poetry, Art, Black Love, Black America and anything else that comes to mind. Hopefully my readers will enjoy these posts as much as I will enjoy writing them.

Onward to the Celebration of Blackness!

Side note: As I was googling I came across this website BecauseImBlack.com

oh and another Side note: I have come across some wonderful blogs by Black people that are just so unique and special that I would like to spotlight them here on my blog. There are sooooo many wonderful blogs, but I will try to spotlight as many of those that I can that just blew me away!


2 thoughts on “Celebration of Blackness”

  1. Black Girl:

    We as individual black women and men have to do our own research as it relates to black(human) history. The public school system in this country is designed to de-educate our black children, not re-educate them. The current generation has no more excuses……If they can’t take the time to learn about their african history, there’s no hope for them, None! Educated black people who possess knowledge of self will survive and prosper in the 21st century, and, black people who lack education and knowledge of self will enslave themselves to the government, crime, violence, alcohol, drugs, HIV/AIDS, and so forth.

    Free Aquarius


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