Dear 2010 Boy Did You Disappoint Me

New Years Day 2010 I decided that I would not make any New Year’s Resolutions. Instead I decided that I would declare 2010 “My Year.”  I lodged that belief into my brain; I chanted it and even recited to others as we discussed our plans for the New Year.  I knew that I had to give 2010 everything I had because 2009 had kicked my ass in a gruesome way. 2009 had been one of those years where you start off on top and somewhere along the way you got lost, then tangled then dumped at the bottom. By the 2009 holiday season I had begun referring to the year as “WTF happened” I mean seriously 2009 hemmed me up in every way imaginable starting off with ending a relationship. Next there was a car accident, then unexpected expenses that seemed to come out of thin air. I hate to say it but 2009 showed your girl no love at all. It was a piece of work to say the least.

 As 2010 began, I was chanting “My Year, My Year, My Year” I was hyped and full of energy. 2009 had shown me a thing or two so now I was ready to show 2010 what I was made of. I had a mental checklist of what I had to do in 2010 and a few things I would like to do in 2010. Your girl was ready…and then as usual the “it’s always something” monster crept in and POW it was on! 

I started the New Year off in good spirits. I was planning a move, I had the money to do it and I was excited that this would be the year that I would finally straighten up my credit and get on track. Can we say hell to the no? Because that is definitely NOT what happened for me in 2010. The first POW came in the form of someone attempting (and I did say attempting) to steal my car. The car burglars must not have been as skilled as they thought they were because they were unsuccessful in stealing the vehicle. However, they were successful in ripping out my entire ignition, damaging my steering column and leaving my windshield wipers on as they fled the scene, which left big black marks on my windshield and my windshield wipers in shambles. All of this, and they couldn’t get the car started once they broke the ignition because of the immobilizer system. Way to go knuckleheads |fierce eye roll| this little fiasco left me without transportation and with a major headache. I had to make several trips to the dealership (two via shotgun of a tow-truck).

But wait! 2010 wasn’t done with me yet. 2010 proved to be the year that I would be broker than Florida and James Evans. My money was so funny in 2010 that it was cracking jokes and believe me I wasn’t laughing one bit. Even as the year has ended I still cannot believe that I was that broke, I mean seriously, wth?!? 

Then there were the issues at my job. I have never been so frustrated, disgusted, agitated, upset and stressed over work related issues in my life! Every day was a struggle because every day I had to contain myself to keep from hauling off and showing those people some real South Memphis character. I was able to refrain from any bad behavior…well that’s not completely true. I did say a few things that were inappropriate, but they were minor in comparison to what my mind was telling me to do at some of those boring, unneeded, bullshit meetings.

Besides being broke I had relationship issues, serious relationship issues that made me want to swear off men all together. I was two steps away from saying to hell with men, give me some Moscato and a Law & Order SVU marathon and I’m good.

Next in the line-up of events for my 2010 year was losing a close friend over circumstances that I am still unclear on. I don’t remember an argument or a fight. All I know is that somewhere along the way we stopped talking, someone was mad and the friendship ended…womp womp it was over and to this day neither of us have apologized even though we were supposedly so close…I guess maybe we weren’t as close as I thought we were.

So to say the least 2010 was not my year whatsoever. I have tried not to complain about it because I am still alive and breathing but my goodness what was up with 2010? Money problems, stressful workplace, relationship issues and friendship issues; just about everything that could have gone wrong did and I am thankful that I survived it without developing some horrible habit.

So for 2011 I make no resolutions. I can only live for today. I can be thankful for what I have because I can always think back to when I had less, like two months ago lol. I can love those that love me and love those that don’t love me because at the end of the day hate gets you nowhere. For 2011 I strive to give more, love more and plan, plot and execute a successful future for myself.



2 thoughts on “Dear 2010 Boy Did You Disappoint Me”

  1. I feel you 2009 was hell for me to I almost had a nervous break down but with God you can indure anything and just remembering that each obstacle you face shall pass!now 2010 was a learning year I spent a lot of time thinking and praying.and finances wasn’t the best due to me losing my job but thank God for a good spouse and this yearing hoping for the best and preparing for if the worst come.but God got us girl.


  2. Thanks for the comment llovely. Just as I am typing this 2011 is already throwing some blows at
    But you are so right, God has us and there is NO way I could have made it through the mess that I have faced over the past few years without God’s grace and mercy 🙂


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