I Don’t Like What I’m Hearing

Saturday as  I drove along with my children running some errands, I flipped through the radio stations and finally settled on K97 FM which was playing the new song by Kanye West “Monster” featuring Jay-Z, Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj. As I made a quick left and then another quick left, this is what I heard….

So mommy best advice is to get on top of this
Have you ever had sex with a pharaoh
I put the *bleep* in a sarcophagus
Now she claiming I bruise her esophagus

Kanye West “Monster”

Thank God my children had no clue as to what Kanye was saying, but I DID, and guess what,  I was highly offended that this type of language was being played on the radio. True enough I am used to hearing vulgar language on the radio, so offended I was, but surprised I was not. It’s nothing new to turn on the radio and hear lyrics such as:

She said look ma no hands, she said look ma no hands
And no darlin’ I don’t dance and I’m wit Roscoe I’m with Waka
I think I deserve a chance Imma bad motha fucka go and ask them mothafuckas
A young handsome mothafucka I slang that wood I just nunchuck’em

Wale “No Hands”


If a bitch try to get cute Imma sock her
Throw a lotta money at her then yell fucka, fucka, fucka,
Then yell fucka.

Nicki Minaj “Bottoms Up”

Every time I turn on the radio I hear bleeped out expletives or overly sexual lyrics. The vulgarity of the music played on the radio is horrific.  I mean even for a person like myself who loves all different kinds of music from R&B to a little bit of country what is being played now is too explicit for radio.

Whatever happened to clean versions of the songs being played on the radio? Oh wait, they say that these are the clean versions…. [blank stare] So you mean that turning the word muthafucka to something that sounds like muhhfucka is clean? Well obviously I am wayyy behind in the times because I was under the impression that clean version meant profanity being replaced by more suitable language or being completely bleeped out. Do they even censor music anymore? With the so-called clean versions being played on the radio today, any person listening knows exactly what the songs are saying even with the little “cleaning up” that is being done.

Whatever happened to music that made you feel good without being heavily laced with sex, profanity and more sex? Whatever happened to turning on the radio and saying “Hey that must be the clean version because the real version says __”  I remember growing up listening to soul music and R&B and if someone even used the word damn in a song you would gasp because it was not something you were used to hearing on the radio on a regular basis. But things have changed and now hearing the word damn in a song doesn’t even cause a raised eyebrow or a gasp because the word damn is nothing compared to the other expletives you will hear being played on the radio today.

Sadly, I only hear this kind of language in Hip Hop/Rap music? Why? Why aren’t country singers spewing filthy language over their country ballads? Why aren’t pop singers screaming _oes and snitches throughout their bubble gum hits? Is it because only “our” music contains such profane and violent lyrics or is it that only Hip Hop stations will play music with such language?

I feel that it is a combination of both. Of course Hip Hop music is not the only music that uses profanity or vulgar language, because we all know that many rock songs are far, far over the edge, but do you hear them on the radio? True, far too many of our Rap and Hip Hop artists create music that promote violence and exploitation of women, but Rap and Hip Hop music aren’t the only genres of music that have these components. However, have you ever heard any radio station besides stations that plays Rap/Hip Hop music play songs with barely bleeped out profanity or extremely vulgar lyrics? Personally I can say that sadly my answer to that question is no. I have never heard any of the Soft Rock or Top Hits stations play songs that contain profanity. They play the actual “clean” versions of the songs. So why is it that Hip Hop stations feel that it is necessary to play such vulgar music?

Maybe they are catering to their audience of dedicated listeners, who they feel enjoy this music. obviously whatever surveys or research they have done proves that they do have dedicated listeners who tune in to their stations and assumingly enjoy and have no problem with the songs being played; after all they do call in and request them. But what about those of us who enjoy music, but don’t care to hear this kind of language? Not everyone wants to hear about sex, violence and money day in and day out every time they turn on the radio. It is bad enough that television is filled with sex and violence, but so is radio, so now you have to carefully choose what you listen to because the majority of what is being played and shown is sex, violence, violence, sex. There is no wonder why the younger generations are buckwild, out of control, overly sexed and running rampant. All they see and hear is sex and violence and if you see and hear that enough, you process it and it becomes somewhat of a reality to you.

****What are your thoughts on what is being played on the radio today? Should more censoring be done to eliminate some of the lyrics that are not suitable for radio? How do you feel about the lyrics of Rap/Hip Hop songs compared to the lyrics of songs of other genres?

More from BGT on Rap Music here.

…next up “I Don’t Like What I’m Seeing. I am pretty sure I talked about this before in an earlier post when I discussed my disgust on the constant tale wrangin’ that I see on television, but I think it’s time the subject is revisited.


7 thoughts on “I Don’t Like What I’m Hearing”

  1. I do agree its too much and everyday our children are mislead more and more.its damaging them to the point of no return.I don’t even listen to those stations anymore its very rare. And when our kids have there mp3s its best that we pay attention to what they listen to.the world is so sickening to me there is no limits no self respect and no morals.everyone is live in the moment not caring bout the affect or consequences.that’s why I stay distanced and prayerful sit back and shake my head cause its hurtful and disturbing what we are comin too.


  2. I feel you on that one. I don’t even listen to the radio anymore. The integrity is shot all to hell with music. That’s why I try to make music everyone can listen to. People aren’t even saying anything substantial anymore either. For example: That Waka guy is single-handedly ruining our youth. Do you know how long it took for me to figure out that he was saying, “oh let’s do it”? A long time…

    There’s a whole generation of young, stupid mofos running around because of him…oh, and Gucci Man too.


  3. @llovely and @Mr Chap I have started playing the music from my MP3 player in the car because what I hear on the radio is garbage. I can control what I play since they are songs I choose to download to the MP3.

    @Mr. Chap I totally agree when it comes to what is actually being said in the songs…which is absolutely nothing. For the most part it is the same crap over and over and most of it doesn’t even make sense.


  4. Shit, I don’t do the radio no more. They may as well not bleep out the words because these damn kids ain’t stupid. They know what they’re saying and probably know more than us damn adults about what the shit means. I don’t listen to the radio no more because I’m sick of hearing the same shit on there every 5 minutes. Even if it’s a song I LIKE, I’ll get sick of it. Thank God for youtube and iPods. Can play em’ whenever you want and never get tired.


  5. It’s funny you brought up the ‘Bottoms Up’ rant by Nicki because it took our radio stations a few months to figure out what she was saying before they started editing it. It seems to me as much as the radio stations should be monitoring the songs more, the lables the artists are with need to be shipping their singles in pre-edited formatting to begin with. That way there is no room for error.


  6. The a same here Buttaflyy the radio stations here played the song “as is” for quite some time before they switched to the cleaner version. I also think that record companies should supply the clean versions to radio stations.honestly I wonder who decides what version gets played on the radio?


  7. I totally agree! There’s way too many expletives and suggestive lyrics dancing around our heads whether we’re watching music videos or trying to ride from point A to point B in our cars. The sound waves we catch could blindside us and assault us at any given moment just about!

    Unfortunately for us, it seems that the magic formula these days for OUR beloved Hip Hop hits is to masterfully create a tight beat and combine it with a 16 bar flow that strings together as many M-EFFERS and _itches as possible before the heavily ad-libbed chorus catches up to the verse.

    Don’t get me wrong. I like Hip Hop and all, but I’ve branched out to other types of music mostly because of all the UNNECESSARY vulgarity. More artists should challenge both themselves and their vocabulary, and make an attempt to develop a song that could go straight from the sound booth to the radio without using the awkward “censored silences.”

    I think they’d find that most people would still love their music just the same as long as they still had a lot of punch lines, a great hook, and some over-the-top lyrical content about relevant issues (i.e. something more than sex, drugs, money, and rims).


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