BGT’s Betterment Journey (Post II: Don’t Call Your Boss a Racist liar (even if she is one)

Come along with me on my journey to becoming a better person…….

You can read post I of the Betterment Journey here

Recently I attended an award ceremony at my job where I was one of the employees being honored. I even got the opportunity to walk across a makeshift stage and shake the President’s hand (yay me)  This was an event that I had no intention of attending mainly because I don’t care for my place of employment. Not only do I not care for the place, I have had very negative thoughts about various people here that included punches to the face and slaps across the lips….yes it is that serious.

I have had some serious issues with some of the people here and when it escalated to its highest peak I almost lost complete control. Had I not been saved I would have laid down my religion (my pastor doesn’t like that quote lol) and most likely I would have been taken out of the place in handcuffs.

 Once I even sat there with my fist tightly clenched and it couldn’t have been anyone but Jesus Christ himself who unclenched my fist and kept my “oh so ready” hand planted firmly on my lap as lies were told on me and I was made out to be a lazy, lying, angry black woman, who was stressed about her personal life and it was affecting her work performance. (NOT TRUE)  At one point things  got so bad for me that I was suffering chest pains and headaches due to the stressful environment of my workplace.  They wanted to know if I had something stressing me YES this JOB!

Ok, let’s get a few things straight, yes I get stressed out from time to time just like every other human being does;  BUT I in no way allow my personal life to interfere with my job performance. True I have been late a time or two (or three or ten) because of personal issues,  but when I get to work I do my job. I don’ t come to work to date or fondle my co-workers (which happens at my place of employment) I don’t come to work to walk the halls monitoring people who I have no business monitoring (which happens all day every day at my place of employment) I don’t to come work and let my beliefs or thoughts of certain races of people affect how I peform my job. I don’t come to work to ear hustle on my co-workers conversations because I have no life of my own and I definitely don’t come to work to tell bold face lies on people just because I can…..

With that being said you can clearly see why a person would be tempted to go “angry negro” at this place. And yes, I almost went “angry negro” a few times, but thankfully it never got to that point and I am still employed. A very important lesson that my mother taught me was that when put in a difficult situation at work, speak for yourself and don’t expect anyone else to back you up because they won’t. I learned that years ago, and I have had several refresher courses in it.  People will not yay or nay you when it comes time to talk, mainly because they need their jobs and don’t want to risk losing it because you want to “stand up to the man.” …and that is understandable. I have also learned that some people lie simply because they can. When they see an opportunity to lie they seize it. We can dislike that aspect of their character, but in many cases we can’t do a damn thing about it.

So this portion of my Betterment Journey is about me being more positive at the workplace. I can only control myself. I cannot determine what other people will say or do. I cannot deter people from acting badly neither can I punish them for their bad behavior. What I can do is control myself and come to work each day with a positive attitude. That is my plan of action. Whether your boss is one of those who is a leader in title only or if your boss is one who will do anything to make themselves look good, what we have to do is come to work prepared, do our jobs and follow procedure (if procedure exists, they don’t here, but that’s a whole nother blog entry)

So my words of advice to myself and to anyone else who is suffering because of evildoers at work is that trouble don’t last always. Sometimes the storm comes for a reason and even though we don’t understand it there is a purpose in it. Sometimes after the storm you are a bit shaken, but you are in a better place; not just at work, but in life. You have a better understanding of who you are and how to handle obstacles that veer into your path. When you feel things getting bad/worse/worst read Psalm 37. It helped me a lot to know that there may be nothing I can do about people who consciously do evil to others, but there is someone who can handle it tall, so I should not worry myself into a frenzy over things that I have no power over.


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