When A Woman Loves…

The other day I caught myself being swept away by the sultry voice of none other than R. Kelly. His new song When A Woman Loves immediately became one of those songs that will make me throw up my hand and say “Thats My Jam!” BUT WAIT…I”m still holding my silent protest against R. Kelly.  I haven’t purchased any cd’s, I haven’t gone to any of his shows AND I even flip the channel or radio station when his older songs/videos come on. Ever since he walked away “guilty but found innocent” of child pornography charges in 2008 I vowed that I would not support Kels or his music any longer. I am a parent and I would not patronize any person that abused a child.  I was even more shocked, disgusted and upset when I saw R. Kelly’s Interview on BET concerning his trial and the charges of child molestation. He made himself look like a complete..whats the word I’m looking for…hmmm child molester, pervert…yeah both of those fit! I With that being said, any likeness of R. Kelly music was placed far, far in the back corners of my mind. No matter how much I had enjoyed his hits such as Ignition, Happy People, I Wish, and  I Can’t Sleep Baby I decided that since I felt that he was 100% guilty I would not listen to his music. Since 2008 I have diminished any and all fanlihood of R. Kelly. It was hard to do, but this was one of those things that I felt was important enough to stand up for.

Then here comes this damn When A Woman Loves song  **eye roll** It made me consider giving Kels another chance…see for yourself

…I have to admit, Kels is back at it. This song reminds me of the old R. Kelly; you know the one that hadn’t been accused to urinating on a child.

For a moment I even thought that R. Kelly was being replaced by Trey “Come Hurr” Songz because the lyrics to Trey’s songs and just the overall style of his singing was getting way to reminiscent of R. Kelly…. But I don’t think Trey will ever make the impression that R. Kelly has made; not just because of his love songs, but also because of his inspirational songs such as: I Believe I Can Fly, U Saved Me and The World’s Greatest.

Am I a R. Kelly fan again, no I wouldn’t say that. But I will say that I am willing to give his music a chance again. After all, the man does make very good music!


9 thoughts on “When A Woman Loves…”

  1. Hmmm…I can see both sides of the coin with your feelings about him, but in my opinion, when you take a stand against something, you have to stick with it or it loses it’s value. I find myself swaying from time to time wanting to listen to artists I have sworn off, but still have to remember what kind of example am I setting for those that watch me if I’ve been so dead set against them (the tainted artists) for so long only to make an acception?


  2. Good piece as usual BGT. I’ve been torn about this R. Kelly thing as well. I was trying my hardest not to like his Untitled cd but have you heard “Go Low”?!? lol.. See, that’s my problem right there! But as I’m writing my reply it’s making me think of a blog to do lol.


  3. Yeah, it’s hard. Especially when the artists you stand against are Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kanye West, Drake, and Rihanna. The day I surfed the 4 top radio stations and at least one of them was on every single one at the same time, I turned it off and rarely turn it on. ;o)


  4. that is one beautiful song. r. kelly has a powerful voice. can’t deny that. who knows? maybe he’s grown up.. or perhaps his taste in females as matured a bit.

    thanks for hipping me to a great song 🙂


  5. Gurllllll….. Who you telling. That song just did it for me too. I love it. Looks like ole Robert done put on a few pounds. He so fresh and so clean in that video too.

    @buttaflytulsa – I’m with Mona. Why them?


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