Oh You Fancy Huh? (a note to the fancy, yet triflin parents)

Oh you fancy huh, oh you fancy huh? Hair done, nails done, everything big…


This is a note to all of the ballas, shot callers, sexy divas, top notch chicks, dime pieces, & playas who hit the club every chance they get,  are dressed to impress and have money to blow oh oh oh ***in my Drake voice*** Yet they don’t take care of their responsibilities.                                                            

      I read your statuses on Facebook about how you are in the mall every week buying new outfits to wear to different events.  Oh yeah you are always out and about, partying, drinking, laughing, dancing, spending money and making it known that you love to have a good time. You have the pictures to back it up. There are hundreds of pictures posted of you partying and having a good time with friends, loved ones, strangers…..

                But I didn’t see any Facebook status about how your son doesn’t have decent uniforms for school. I didn’t see any status about your mom or dad having to pay your phone bill because it was cut off. I didn’t see any status about how you bring your children to the doctor’s office in pajamas with their faces unwashed. I didn’t happen to read any statuses about your utilities getting cut off AGAIN, nor did I see a status about when you party you leave your children with whoever will keep them.

                Oh and I didn’t see any pictures of your children standing beside you in hand me down clothes or clothes bought by your parents while you are standing there sharp from head to toe. Neither did I see any pictures of your children at home with grandma/grandpa/big brother/big sister/auntie/uncle/friend of family watching TV while you are out on the town living it up. It’s fine to have a good time, but if we took a picture of how often you leave your kids, there would be a photo album full of pictures of your children with someone else…anyone else… BUT YOU.

                If you want to broadcast your life, maybe you should broadcast how you spend so much money on yourself that you almost forget that you have children to take care of. Oh wait…you leave that for others to do.  After all, taking care of your children is an option for you, not a responsibility.

This note is for all of the young ladies who post pictures of themselves on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and everywhere else with their butts stuck out, stilettos on and faces made up…yet their children are sleeping on the floor of their parent’s house. This is for all the men who are dressed to impress, driving nice cars and living it up, yet they haven’t seen their children in months (by choice) This is for those men who are whining and dining their new girl while their little girl can’t seem to get in touch with him. He is dodging her calls because he doesn’t want to give her that mone he promised her for her school field trip.l  

This note is just to say to you that it’s time out for looking good on the outside but being a trifling, hot mess in reality!

Your Facebook, Myspace and Twitter friends may not know you personally, so they go along with your madness. They click like on the pictures of you looking hot…maybe they click like because they don’t know that you spent money on a new pair of shoes and the one pair of shoes your daughter has are too little. Maybe they lol at your comments and give you props because they don’t know that you spend every penny you make on living the party lifestyle and you have nothing to call your own except your fancy clothes and car (if you even have that) Maybe they think you are the talk of the town because they don’t know that while you are out partying Thursday-Sunday night your children are growing older and realizing that they don’t like you so much. Maybe your internet friends don’t know that you are addicted to “looking like you have something” when you should be more concerned with “working on having something.”

Maybe instead of spending all of your time, money and energy on partying and trying to make people think that you are so cute/handsome maybe you should take care of home first; because at the end of the day you are messy. You care so much about spending money and having fun that you forget that your children don’t look as presentable as you do. You forget that if you party Thursday-Sunday your children are spending four nights a week with someone else while you do what you know how to do best and that’s party.

Maybe just maybe you should look at yourself in the mirror and see that yes you look fly, yes you smell good, but your lifestyle is foul..its so foul that its stinkin’ up the joint. Maybe you should do an evaluation of what is a need versus what is a want. Maybe you should evaluate what is a responsibility and what is an option. Because as of now you might be fancy, but fancy doesn’t keep children fed and supported, fancy doesn’t keep the lights on and gas in your car. Fancy doesn’t instill morals in your children and fancy doesn’t look good when ten years down the line you have nothing but a collection of pictures of when you USED to be fancy huh?


4 thoughts on “Oh You Fancy Huh? (a note to the fancy, yet triflin parents)”

  1. Amen to that!!! I don’t like Drake AT ALL, so I was probably one of the last people to hear the song and was thinking the same thing. Like, um, ok, so, where’s the femail verse (because you know no male (in the Industry) is even thinking about it) where she’s talking about how she got her baby girl’s hair pressed, and her son edged up?


  2. Amen and goodnight!! And these are the same “parents” (term used very loosely) who can’t wait till tax season so they can claim them and get that refund so they can buy some more stuff they don’t need/can’t afford so other people will be impressed. Knowing good and hell well they haven’t taken care of their child(ren) at lease half of the year. Great post, girl!!


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