Hide in the Closet Pleeeaaase Part II

Did you read Part I of  Hide in the Closet Pleeeaaase ???

If not you should, and THEN come back to read Part II. If you have read Part I, then here is Part II; the conclusion (well maybe not lol)

Hide in the Closet Pleeeaaase Part II

Two hours after Rita agreed to go hide in the closet while Shon handled his “situation”. The fight was obviously over because she couldn’t hear any more rumbling or loud voices. Rita knew she had to leave, but for some reason she just couldn’t move.

Just as Rita was about to open the door, Shon did and asked her if she was okay. Rita didn’t know if she was okay or not, but she did know that Shon had a lot of explaining to do. She stepped out of the closet and went into the living room with Shon who seemed relieved that everything was over. They sat there in silence for a moment before she asked him what the hell happened and who was the guy he was arguing with. Shon said that he didn’t want to talk about it right now, he had a lot on his mind and he felt overwhelmed right now. Rita was not willing to take that for an answer, but after about 30  mins of trying to get to the truth Shon was still not budging. Rita grabbed her things and headed for the door, but Shon caught her and told her something she was not prepared to hear, he looked deep in her eyes and told her that he loved her.

It was as if Rita’s heart skipped a beat because the emotion in Shon’s eyes was overwhelming. He kissed her softly and Rita felt in her heart that he meant the words he had just said to her. She welcomed his kiss and for a brief moment she forgot that he had just had her hiding in his damn closet for two hours. She pulled away and said that she loved him too but she couldn’t go on without knowing what happened that night. Shon told her that he would talk to her in the morning about it and that he wanted her to spend the night. Rita agreed and went to her apartment to grab a few things to stay the night.

That night was the first time she ever made love to Shon without protection. There was just something about those words “I love you’ that had penetrated her heart and made her open up to Shon even more.

A week passed and Shon was still hesitant about what had happened that night, but Rita was so far on cloud nine from being in love that she had let go of the anger she had from that night. Things had been going fine with her and Shon and honestly he was her “Mr. Right”. She had found him when she had proclaimed that she wouldn’t look for love anymore.

There was one thing though; Rita noticed that Shon seemed extra precautious now. He peeped out of his blinds so frequently that sometimes it made her think he was afraid of someone. But every time she brought up the night in the closet Shon would dismiss it and say that everything was fine.

She didn’t want to rock the boat though because this was the first time that she had actually been in love and felt loved in return. She put the “situation” in the back of her mind and let love take over. Things were wonderful between her and Shon, until the night of their six month anniversary. Shon had planned a nice dinner at his place and Rita was really excited. Things were lovely and to Rita’s surprise Shon popped the question. He asked her to marry him. He said that he loved her so much and he didn’t want to keep any secrets from her.

Rita was prepared to say yes, but Shon stopped her and asked her to tell him before she took the ring if she wanted to know what really happened that night she was in the closet. If she wanted to know he would tell her, but if she took the ring and she didn’t want to know then it should never be brought up again.

Rita was speechless; did she really want to know? How would this change the relationship she had with Shon? She was completely in love with him now and honestly her heart told her that she should just let it go, say yes and marry the man of her dreams.



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