Just Busted!

The Just Busted  newspapers that sell for $1 may actually be outselling the local newspapers around the Midsouth.  The newspaper  has become exceedingly popular and is flying off the shelves.

Just Busted is a weekly publication that displays the mugshots of people in Memphis and Shelby County that have been recently arrested. It also lists the crime the person was arrested for. The crimes range from robbery to murder to driving with a suspended or revoked license. The newspaper also highlight sex offenders in specific areas of the Midsouth.

Personally I view the newspaper each and every week. I have seen quite a few people in it that I know (unfortunately). However I do take into consideration that the people who’s faces you see in the newspaper have been arrested but may have not yet been convicted of the crime listed below their name. Some may beat the case and will never be charged with the crime listed below their name in Just Busted.  However, some others who read the newspaper are excited to see alleged criminals publicly shamed with their mugshots on public display. Many of these people feel that plastering their faces on a weekly newspaper will make some people who are considering crimes take a second thought before doing something that could land their face on the front of a newspaper. Memphis Police Director  Larry Godwin feels the same way. In a statement to Action News 5, Godwin said;

 The publication just might deter some criminals from re-offending. I like it. I think some embarrassment helps

Others, such as Attorney Jerry Summers of Chattanooga, TN believe differently. Summers told Action News 9 WTVC(Chattanooga) that he believes that the Just Busted paper infringes upon the accused person/s rights under the Sixth Amendment which entitles the accused to a fair trial.

The newspaper does say “innocent until proven guilty” on the front page, but for most  consumers those words go unnoticed. That is except for those who are featured in the newspaper. I am pretty sure they feel that it is unfair that without permission or notice their mugshot is placed in a newspaper and sold to the public for thousands of people to view.


32 thoughts on “Just Busted!”

  1. They should only be allowed to show people that have been convicted of a crime… Arrests should not count…


  2. I think that it is not fair that they publish without peoples permission. Sometimes someone maybe falsely accused or any thing. Now if the person has been convicted that’s different altogether. driving while licenses suspended come on its a lot of people that have never had a license ever.


  3. I like the fact that they display the sex offenders, even though you can easily go online and view everyone listed in your zip code. But placing ppl in there who got pulled over and their license was suspended is ridiculous. I never understood why they list those people. And if it is true that ppl are displayed in there who have only been arrested or processed and have not been charged that is unfair. I have never been on the wrong side of the law but I wouldn’t be pleased if I got arrested BUT not charged and my face showed up in a newspaper with a crime below it that I hadn’t been charged with.


  4. Having survived the traffic in Memphis (so far) for a long time now, I am encouraged that people are being called out for not having licenses. I understand that it is sometimes necessary for people to drive without one for work or kids and the like, but I hope that fact encourages people to think about their actions. Driving is something that is almost a requirement to survive in this day and age. If more people would understand that by acting a fool behind the wheel, they could lose that right, perhaps folk around here would hang up the phone (or at least buy a $10 hands-free) stop reading, texting, even watching movies while doing 75 MPH.


  5. Unless it’s illegal, I like it. There should be as many deterrents to crime as possible. They’ll still get their day in court. And LOL @ the white dude with the mohawk… looking like Chuck Liddell in 20 years.


  6. I am willing to bet a paycheck that about 99% of all arrests are justified and maybe 1% are innocent/falsely accused…I think the paper is a good thing…


  7. I was wondering if I could possibly aquire a past issue of “Just Busted” for the Chatt., Cleveland ares. I have the Aug. 31 issue, but I missed the one before it, what becomes of the old ones when a new one is introduced?


  8. One thing I have not read here amongst all the “Yeah and Nay sayers” posting here. Any and all of the information listed in JUST BUSTED is a matter of PUBLIC RECORD…Meaning each and every one of us are permitted by law to go and see this at your local court house. JUST BUSTED is only doing the legwork for the community and being compensated $1 per copy in exchange.
    There is nothing illegal about providing a legitimate service to our community.
    The people listed as stated are innocent until proven guilty and will have their day in court. As I have read in another thread it’s not suprising that a noted local criminal defense attorney would have a problem with listings of public records to the public.
    Not to mention each and every arrest whether guilty or not involves all of us. It is our tax dollars that pay ;officers,housing,legal defense to the indegent,food,court salaries…the list goes on and on. Each of us have a vested interest in each and every tax dollar we cough up out of our paychecks every week.
    And yes I have been to jail before in Cleveland and guess what??? Back then the local radio stations reported your name and crime over the air waves to all listening. Embarassing to me”YES”. Did it prevent me from getting a FAIR trial “NO”.So this is not a new concept by reporting public records to the public. Just age old things, being done in new found way’s and personally I love it.


  9. Thanks Scott for stopping by and commenting

    I agree that its not like the information provided by the Just Busted paper is confidential info that the public can’t find out via searching the Court websites or physically going to view the records…even though most ppl wont take the time to do either of those things. Just Busted makes it so much easier for ppl to know the crimes committed and by who.




  11. BlackGirl:

    Not having control over your mind and body is not cool. Crime and criminals are examples of people who lack basic common sense and wisdom. Being locked-up in the backseat of a police cruiser has never been kosher with me, Never! Of course, a lot of us laugh at the mugshots of others, but, their shame is not a laughing matter. Crime has real-life consequences that affect many people. Plastering mugshots on the cover of a billboard, website, and magazine are not gonna stop people from doing the wrong thing.



  12. You know I agree with pieces of everyones statements on this blog..but what reigns true is that there are alot of innocent people in the just busted paper…that actually loses their jobs for there picture being posted whether they are guilty or not..Employers don’t care.. and it’s humiliating. NO ONE deserves this..unless you are found GUILTY…Do you know someone can go and take a warrant out on you for GP and your picture will be Flashed across the JUST BUSTED paper. It seems to me that this should be re-evaluated because it showS low to no regard for YOUR rights…and everyone has rights…Guilty or Not. My question is ..why is it so hard to find out who publishes this paper…In the end it’s not about deterring crime..IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY


  13. First and foremost fuck the police they walk around making false arrests and shit so that they can get paid they don’t care about people neither do the people who create this shit (serve and protect my ass) I would go out of my way to file a lawsuit against these assholes because most of these people are innocent


  14. I agree with alot of people on here…They should only be able to show people CONVICTED not charged! I am currently on bond for a crime I didn’t commit..Although I’ll beat it in court,It’s still bullshit! Anyone can go tell a bunch of lies and have someone arrested for a crime they didn’t commit! Innocent until proven guilty my ass! And yes alot of cops are assholes and charge u with whatever they can Jus because they don’t like you or whatever the reason..But some are actually Law abiding peace keepers that do serve and protect…Do I dislike most cops,Yes!! But we shouldnt dislike them all because of a few Jackasses


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  16. i agree with Eric because i was arrested for a robbery that never happened. and still fighting it although the police admitted that the charges were filed due to retaliation from an assault both of my quote “co defendants” charges have been dismissed not because of lack of pros. but IT NEVER HAPPENED.


  17. Well i think its ridiculous on the fact I went to jail because I didnt even know my license were suspended due to an accident I had earlier in the year.. Which one of the reasons was said to be no insurance which i wasnt even driving my vehicle but belonged to a relative when i had the wreck… I straight up called insurance company gave the information to the police officer on the seen of the accident.. then had my insurance company fax my full coverage information to the state but my license were suspended really .. I get to be in the busted paper and had to be taken into custody and spend almost 7 hours in a nasty holding cell.. The whole situation is so messed up its not even funny.. I admit I did forget to pay the ticket for sliding past the stop sign in the pouring down rain and hitting the other vehicle. I also know that I am self employed and this could really affect my business because of the fact .. people think the worst of you for being in there, Am I a criminal NO! I hate the busted paper I feel its very unjust for things like this. The police officer advised me that they cant do anything about it going in there and they just go on their website and take the information.


  18. I think that it is unfair to post pictures of people before they are proven guilty. This can really cause a lot of hardship for some people such as loss of their jobs and in some cases cause them to lose their children. My question is this… They are putting pictures in the paper before the person is convicted, but are they going back to put their pictures in the paper when they are proven innocent? HELL NO!! My point exactly.


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  20. This is another one of those publications that may be legal, but is ethically questionable.

    My local prosecutor screwed up my payroll deduction for child support, and then the state mis-labeled me as a ‘deadbeat’ because they didn’t take enough money out of my check.

    It makes you wonder which side of the bars the criminals are on…


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