Racism is Alive & Kicking (STILL) at Ole Miss


This video was posted by two University of Mississippi students  in response to Ole Miss’s decision to stop playing its traditional fight song From Dixie With Love due to the words chanted by Ole Miss fans at the end of the song.  The words  “The South Shall  Rise Again”  caused some people to feel that the song was supporting segregation. The University decided to stop the band from playing the song during football games.

click here to listen to From Dixie with Love |insert racist chant here|

The two students have since been suspended from the university.

read more here


BGT Thoughts:  Disgusted, yes….suprised, no!

Once again in the good ole state of Mississippi a few of the good ole boys have decided to show their true colors. In response to Ole Miss’s Chancellor Dan Jones enforcing the decision to not play the song From Dixie with Love at the football games due to the words “The South Shall Rise Again” being chanted at the end of the song, these two young men douchebags decided that they would record their thoughts on the decision and post the video on YouTube for the world to see.

Notice how eagerly they say the word nigger, must have learned that at home home huh?

For some people the words:

The South Shall Rise Again

holds no particular meaning, but for those who know anything about The South you know that a chant of those words means, we welcome segregation, bring on the white robes and confederate flags. The saying is defined in Wikipedia as:  A slogan popular with the KKK and other old Confederate factions after the  of American Civil War 1861-1865

 The big problem is not so much with the slogan itself even though it carries along with it a history of hate and racism. It is the idea that those who use it know very well that the slogan is linked to segregation and hate yet they choose to use it anyway. They choose to chant it proudly because of one ultimate reason, and that reason being that they totally agree with what it is linked to. These two students proved that with their ignorant YouTube rant.

Things never seem to change in Cotton Land smh.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, racism is very much alive and kicking. There is always someone ready and waiting to prove it!


6 thoughts on “Racism is Alive & Kicking (STILL) at Ole Miss”

  1. Yes, racism is alive, but don’t think for a second that nowadays it’s only directed towards blacks. I have seen plaenty, and I mean plenty of racism directed by blacks towards whites. Racism works both ways and it is all wrong. There should be no hypocrisy or double standards when it comes to racism, it should all stop.


  2. @ Chris thanks for stopping by and commenting

    Yes racism is wrong regardless of which group of ppl it is directed at. YET it puzzles me why each time a white person/s is called out for being racist(such as this video), some other white person comes along and mentions that black people are also racist against whites…what does that have to do with the point at hand?? Is that a defense for racist, ignorant behavior by white ppl?


  3. WOW! Not only were they quick to use the “N” word, they were quick to just curse and curse for no reason.

    Mona, I’ve always loved your blogs. Glad we reconnected here after the demise of 360.


  4. South Postpones Rising Again For Yet Another Year – a funny article to make fun of those 2 ignorant idiots. I live in Western Canada and there’s tons of racism up here too, primarily against asian people (east/south).

    Watch some youtube of indo-canadian comedian Russel Peters, the man gets it.


  5. Who has the time to be racist? You see somebody you don’t like for no apparent reason at all, don’t talk to them. Its as simple as that.


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