BGT on Interracial Relationships (nothing personal)

…should I tread carefully…nah I never have before lol

5680865_1580914For those who have followed my past blogs, you know that I have had my arse chewed and handed back to me when it comes to my views on interracial dating. Example 1 and Example 2.  I have been called racist (yep! me! racist! ) I have been called ignorant and a list of other things that made me giggle. All because I have stated that I am not interested in dating anyone outside of my race.

Excuse me for thinking that I can date who I please and get away with it! Excuse me for blogging about why I date black men exclusively! Excuse me for saying that I loves me some black men and have no interest in dating outside my race. I never knew that it was mandatory to be open to interracial dating 😐

Well when I heard about this story I raised my eyebrow and said “hmmm, that’s disturbing, AND it has to be breaking some kind of law, isn’t it?”

Now those ppl who gave me a few words back on the BGT blogs about my interracial dating posts, would say that I would agree with this, but I don’t. My view is this: Date/marry whoever you like, but as for BGT I will date black men and black men only. I don’t  have to be open to dating outside of my race and I don’t have to be excited about other people dating outside of their race. Personally it has nothing to do with me, but as for me, I will stick with my black brothas.

BUT I do not believe that there should be any law that can determine what race of person you marry. That is utterly ridiculous and Keith Bardwell needs his ass sued for this. He says his denial of the marriage license to the interracial couple was based on his experience with interracial marriages and the fact that they do not last long. He went on to say that he is looking out for the children.

Bullshit Keith!

This statement is the one that screamed out racist douchebag

I’m not a racist. I just don’t believe in mixing the races that way,” Bardwell told the Associated Press on Thursday. “I have piles and piles of black friends. They come to my home, I marry them, they use my bathroom. I treat them just like everyone else. 

  -Keith Bardwell

Keith that statement alone says that you are a racist. You are so racist you could be Rush Limbaugh’s play cousin. It is from MY personal experience Mr. Bardwell that when a white person starts a statement off with “I’m not racist” and throws in “I have black friends” you had better watch out because their KKK robe is hanging in the hall closet waiting on the next rally. And did he say mixing of the races? That is some Mississippi Slave Master talk if I ever heard any.  This happened in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana so thats close enough I guess.

The couple plans to consult the U.S. Justice Department to file a complaint and rightfully so.


4 thoughts on “BGT on Interracial Relationships (nothing personal)”

  1. I hate when people do that…try and diminish your opinion because it doesn’t match theirs. I am a VERY open-minded person. I judge NO one’s life…but, I don’t want anyone dipping their stirring spoon in my tea either. I, too love and date only the brothers…not because I’m racist, but because I want a BLACK FAMILY! That is MY choice and preference. My uncle’s wife is white and of course his daughters are mixed. I love them to death…including my aunt-in-law, Kathy. She’s a cool person. I even love her enough to cant stand her ass just like the rest of my tree when she’s being an asshole. LOL

    You and I and everyone else has a right to date or not date who they want. If people don’t agree, I see that more of them trying to impress upon you their own opinions, than it is you being a racist.

    Do you…with a brother of course. lol


  2. Man,you can’t believe the anger i feel right now about this.However,I’ve had a couple of anjeo and cokes,so I should let the rage subside in order to be more salient.


  3. Black Girl:

    As a general rule, black people should never apologize or feel guilty about their blackness. Black is beautiful in so many ways, so, why should we have to diminish our love for our african ancestry? This is simple to understand, non-blacks want us to mix with them because black is what most people, regardless of race, aspire to. It’s that simple. Remember, black and non-black is how the world deals with race, never forget that?



  4. Black is indeed beautiful and I agree that in companionship, we have more in common with those from our cultural background.

    However, I cannot help to see the beauty in every race. Therefore, I would be willing to accept the courtship of any man of any race that is Christian, upstanding, and willing to uphold the law.


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