Racism Today (Post 3)


I am beginning to sway towards the belief that a blatant racist is better than an undercover, throw a rock and hide your hand racist any day…. Either way a racist is a racist, but if you have this belief why hide behind the camouflage of sarcasm and idiotic comments.

Have you noticed that both undercover and blatantly racist people can somehow throw Barack Obama into any conversation?

It is quite annoying to me that you can be holding a simple conversation about something as simple and nonpolitical as the weather, and somehow these people (who immediately put it on the table that they are not racist and do not support racism) will somehow throw in their distaste for Barack Obama.  Weren’t we talking about the weather?

There are far more people in the “Rush Limbaugh Is Our Hero” clique than we think or would like to believe and honestly it is becoming more and more disturbing by the day how so many people refuse to own up to their racism. If you dislike Barack Obama because of his race…umm that probably means that you are a racist. So when you say things constantly about Barack Obama in clearly unrelated conversations your racism shines through like a shiny new penny.

African American supporters of Barack Obama have been labeled as extremist.  It has been said by many non supporters that black people have deemed Barack Obama as the New Jesus. Somewhere along the lines our confidence in Obama and our pledged support have been scandalized and wrongly reflected as closely mimicking idolism. These people believe that the majority of black people who voted for and support Barack Obama see him as our savior. That somehow we think he is going to take all of our worries away  and deliver us from the troubles of this world which includes our car note, our mortgage, unemployment, depression, flu, money problems, bad relationships, long term illnesses, unpaid doctor bills, dwindling savings, alcoholism, drug addiction, headaches etc, you get the picture.

Much of this nonsense stems from racist people who instead of stating their reasons for not supporting Obama they turn their distaste towards those that do support him and this distaste is often reflected in their idiotic statements and behavior.

Here is a video from one of the greatest douchebags alive, Rush Limbaugh. This video is a classic example of a racist giving his political thoughts which are primarily based on his own personal racist opinion and not the facts. But honestly this kind of behavior is expected of Limbaugh.  He is one of the most racist men alive and unlike some racist people there is no hesitancy for him to open his mouth and publicly display his ignorance and high level of loserism.

In the video Limbaugh talks about his suspicions of Barack Obama. Would he have been so suspicious had Barack Obama been a white, qualified candidate running for President? Of course not!


5 thoughts on “Racism Today (Post 3)”

  1. Interestingly enough, I ‘d rather have someone flat out tell me I am a “nigger” than wisper it, because here is no beating around the bush. There is a certain beauty that comes with honesty; unfourtunately, it is limited. I would rather have some tell me the truth and hurt my feelings than lie to me to make me feel better.
    Barack Obama symbolizes the progress this country has made, and it’s not just the progress of blacks, but all. When put into perpective, this is an intelligent, articulate, educatated, qualified man, regardless of being black. He sits in a house that was built on the blood, sweet, and tears of slave. He symbolizes the power of political efficacy and the promises of the constitution. But, nontheless, he is a politician and not the second coming of Christ.


  2. C’mon you’re letting the secrets out that we know they are racist even when they do the weather. LMAO. Truth be told most Black Folks know white people are looking for a reason to hate OBama. First it was Islam, then he’s a terrorist, then he’s weak, then he’s a rock star, then he’s pushing too much to get done, then his people didn’t pay taxes like that’s something he did too. Like all first Blacks he is getting the Royal Racial treatment as the White people get used to having Blacks in the lunchroom. So today is cloudy and the midwest is flooding probably Obama who caused it. God is punishing the USA because we elected a Black President our life as we know it is over. OK OK I’ll stop….

    Real Talk there has always been a whole bunch more but maybe we thought they were stupid and part of the KKK. What’s shocking most people is there are a whole bunch more at your job who you thought loved you trying to come up with a way to not say I don’t like the Black guy. My concern is why do we keep getting shocked over it and that’s because we keep trying to cover our eyes to how people really feel about us. We keep coming up with more and more the forefathers intended this country to be this, and it’s just ignorance excuses and this is not my America ignorant comments.

    All I can say is it is what it is!


  3. I can’t quite figure out why the color of a person’s skin makes a lick o’ difference to the caliber of their character. There are wonderful and dreadful people in all races. Where does one race get the notion that they are somehow superior to another? Superior in what way I have to ask….in arrogance, aggression, a prideful spirit? Didn’t God create all men equal? If nothing else creation tells us that God loves variety. How come we can’t love it too? Racism is not inherent…it must be taught. Children never notice skin color unless it is pointed out to them. We need to take a leaf out of their book. We are all brothers under the skin. Let’s look for the good in others and treat them the way we would want to be treated ourselves.



  4. BGT…. I won’t bother watching the vid… instead I will just take you at your word.

    Having been a fan of Rush Limbaugh in certain ways and on certain points in the past, I grew increasingly disappointed years ago as Rush’s political commentaries became increasingly personal assaults. It would not surprise me to find that personal assaults turned to racism…. or at he very least, something that sounded close enough. Either way, I stopped listening to Rush years ago for this very reason.

    I left off when he was so personally belittling of Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy (neither of whom I align with politically… nor do I experience either of them to be men whose character I trust), however, they are still people. They are still people God loves and if Rush, or I, or anyone else disagrees with them, no matter how strongly, it is simply wrong to mock and belittle them. Mockery and racism only fan the flames of polarity and resentment between any two camps. Issues will never be reconciled if we are taking cheap shots at one another.

    So if Rush is being racist, certainly he is wrong. I take Rush as primarily an entertainment figure. His goal, I believe is to create controversy to increase listenership and sell commercial air time. Sadly, if this is his angle to gain commercial success, it is all the more sickening.

    I regret that people in similar regions of the political spectrum as I find myself do such things. Again, it creates division, not unity or reconcilliation of differences. It breeds contempt and intolerance.




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