South Memphis, TN (drugs, violence, murder)

mdmlesbear3_t220While driving home a few days ago my son asked me why there were teddy bears on the telephone poles. I knew the answer, but having to tell a nine year old child that those teddy bears were placed there because someone was killed in that location was not an easy thing to do.

I told him that those teddy bears meant that someone was killed at that spot and their friends and family placed the teddy bears there in remembrance and to show how much they loved them. It was a tribute to a loved one they lost.

So as we drove along, mind you this is the neighborhood I grew up in, we passed approximately 4 utility poles adorned with stuffed animals in a two mile radius. My son didn’t ask any further questions, but it saddened me that in just within two miles at least four people had lost their life within a year’s time.  I can accurately say that it has been within a year because I have seen the stories on the news, time and time again of murders, shootings and stabbings in this part of South Memphis. The stories below are just a fraction of what has been going on in the past year in this area

Body found burning in garbage can behind South Memphis home

Man shot in Killed in the Driveway of South Memphis Home

Clerk Shot in head at South Memphis Store

Store Clerk Shot During Robbery in South Memphis

18 Year Old Stabbed and Killed by 13 year old at South Memphis Apartment Complex

Why is this area so saturated with crime? 

I remember growing up in this neighborhood and being afraid if I heard that someone was killed, not that crime was not an issue back then, but it was definitely not as prominent as it is today.  Drugs are being sold in huge capacity and murders are taking place almost daily. It is frightening to know that people are losing their lives almost daily where I was born and raised. Drug addicts adorn almost every nook and cranny of the neighborhood and honestly the people who were fighting for a better community seem to have given up. The fight seems like a lost battle when the majority is crime, drugs and murder and the minority are the law abiding citizens who want things to be better.

I read this at the Thaddeus Matthews blog- Are Neighborhood Stores Contributing to the drug trade?

That was quite interesting to me. I had no clue those were being sold and I definitely didn’t know what they were used for, but I do know that most of the corner stores in the neighborhood have drug sells going on right at their front door. Drug dealers stand in front of the stores each and every day selling dope, and of course the store owners (mostly Iranian or Asian) know that the drugs are being sold, but nothing is done about it. Then a portion of the store owners have illegal dealings going on aside from the drugs being sold along with and outside of the guys slinging dope outside the store’s front door.

I have lived in Memphis, TN all of my life and I am appalled that we are ranked number two in the nation for violent crime; appalled but not in disbelief.  I hear the stories each and every day and many are so close to home that it makes me shiver. I remember watching the show The First 48  and seeing the Memphis episodes and shaking my head because there is so much murder and sadness. Then when the Lester Street Murders happened I was so shaken that it took me a while to realize that it was real. Six people including two children had indeed been murdered in my hometown. It was such a horrible event but even with that tragedy still fresh in our minds murders, robberies and every other act of violence were still taking place as if this mass murder had not just taken place. This city has taken a violent and destructive turn, one in which I cannot explain and have no answer to how things can change. When will the violence end?


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  1. The CBS correspondent also did not seem to pick up on the possible link between Chicago’s gun ban and the high level of crime in the city: “Chicago, which passed a gun ban similar to D.C.’s 25 years ago, had 325 gun homicides last year — a 10-year-old shot in the head, a pregnant woman gunned down, a college student shot and killed. Mayor Daley said the Court’s decision will make his mean streets even more dangerous. … According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, 30,000 Americans die from gun violence each year — some 80 a day — 321 killed by guns in Philadelphia last year; 114 in Oakland, California; 316 in Los Angeles. The solution seems to be death and destruction, which is happening from the inside out. Once the leadership sees that it will soon destroy them and their greed for money power maybe we won’t see street altars, which is something that is ignored by most Urban City leaders you know police and mayors and those in power. How many more children are going to die before the import of this poison stops. This is the generation of the Skull and Cross Bones which means poison and death. Wake up Preachers


  2. I am a white man from Frayser. I am a prolife conservative Christian. I feel that the black Democrat party in Memphis is racist and contributes to the crime problem by encouraging abortion,get on welfare,don’t get married and blame the white man. The Democrat party runs Memphis from the schools to the government. They hate Republicans and conservative Christians. They are against the death penalty which I believe needs to be used to kill off people like the Lester Street murderer. However, they make every black person to be a victim and not responsible for any crime. Black people need to read the Bible about loving their neighbor and follow the 10 commandments and get married. Please stop voting and supporting these pro abortion Democrats like Congressman Steve Cohen and President Barak Hussein Obama.


  3. u kno i kno how ya feel,we from tha same beautiful hood.i can remember when all tha houses that are burned or torn apart cuz they now crack houses were nice homes 4 it dows hurt 2 ride thru south memphis and see all tha vacant lots and stuff.i hate 2 see wut our hood had far as tha violence is concearned,its mostly on tha parents.i say that because we came from tha same place and look at us,its part parrent and part child,i kno tha child has tha final say if they wanna do tha wrong thing but if u have a loving parent or parents present,u might not do bad thiings so quickly. much luv hun and im out!


  4. @ the comment by “Keith Proctor”

    First I would like to ask a question. Which black democrats in Memphis encourage abortion, welfare and blaming the white man. I am unaware of and have not seen or heard that from any of them, or from any politicians in Memphis…so for that point in your comment I am completely lost as to where you gathered that opinion.

    Also you state that the democratic party make every black person out to be a victim and not responsible for any crime. But how does a political party do any of that? How can they be held responsible for people committing crimes?

    Maybe you don’t watch the news, but there are plenty of black ppl on it daily for committing crimes, so they are indeed being held responsible for the crimes they committ.

    And with the comments you make about religion, morals and the ten commandments you state these things as if black ppl are the only ones committing crimes and participating in immoral behavior. There are plenty of white ppl living the same lifestyle as black people. but I am sure you are very aware of that.


  5. The population of Memphis is 61.1% black yet 87% of the murders committed in Memphis are by blacks and of those an incredible 100% of these crimes involved victems who were also black so it’s obvious the first problem is blacks.

    You simply can not place that many black people together in one place and keep the peace.Look at all the countries ran by a government consisting of black peoples.Hati,Somalia,Rwanda,on and on.All of these countries are long time failures of corruption and crime.

    This starts at the top,the mayor of Memphis is corrupt and despite this was elected for another term by the majority which is also corrupt.

    It’s a continuous circle in which the parents were criminals and people who didn’t contribute to society and their kids were raised to continue this tradition.

    Illegal aliens and overseas trade has also contributed to this.Illegal aliens take jobs which formerly were held by poor uneducated peoples.As well clothing and other unskilled labor factories and jobs have moved overseas leaveing all of these peoples with no means of self support.

    My appologies if this sounds racist but it is what it is.


  6. @ Carl thanks for stopping by and commenting, however I would like to address one of the statements you made in your comment.

    This is the portion of the comment that bothers me…

    carl :

    it’s obvious the first problem is blacks.

    You simply can not place that many black people together in one place and keep the peace.

    You go on to say that you apologize if that sounds racist..that not only sounds racist THAT IS racist. If you believe that placing large numbers of black people together means there will definitely be more violence, then maybe you should look at how Africans and then African Americans lived before we were forced to the United States because of greed and ignorance.
    The violence in predominantly black neighborhoods stem from a variety of reasons, one of them is drugs. Drugs were not brought into the black community by black people. We didn’t introduce drug distribution into the lower income communities white people did.
    There are many reasons that violence is much more common in low income areas. However we must remember that poverty and lack of education are two of the major foundations that produce violence. And we all know that for the most part African Americans do not have equal opportunities when it comes to education and statistics show that when it comes to wealth African Americans make far less than whites.


  7. “You simply can not place that many black people together in one place and keep the peace.Look at all the countries ran by a government consisting of black peoples.Hati,Somalia,Rwanda,on and on.All of these countries are long time failures of corruption and crime.”

    Most of these countries weren’t plagued with corruption until after European tried to colonize them. Their failed attempt of colonization and deliberate acts to divide the people living there was the cause of the conflicts and corruption that are going on now. And then they left and put most of the countries in debt, ie. G6. They raped the countries of their resources and then put a price tag on them for doing nothing but taking.


  8. Black Girl,

    Why are men violent? Why do men kill, rape, and rob?

    Crime and violence hate women!
    Crime and violence are jealous of women!
    Crime and violence don’t want women to be happy!

    Blackgirl, the common link that all violent men share between each other is their hatred of women. Men who love women don’t sell drugs on the corner, kidnap and rape girls and women, start shooting inside a nightclub, physically or verbally abuse women and children, etc. I’m not the smartest brotha in the world, but God blessed me with a lot of common sense. Of course, there are other factors that contribute to the problem, but hatred of women is the starting point. Women are a reflection of God, but sadly, a lot of men still view women as inferior. Sistas, don’t ignore the red flags? If a blackman is speaking ill of women, Be Concerned!

    Aquarius Vision/20/20 Vision


  9. I know these comments are old, but SERIOUSLY? You never heard Mayor Herenton and the now criminalized Ford family say anything about ‘whitey’? As well as black candidates who ran against Steve Cohen? In Congress, Cohen has sponsored or supported legislation addressing racial and ethnic disparities in the criminal justice system, apologizing for slavery and Jim Crow segregation. He has served an almost all black district first as senator, then as congressman for almost 30 years.

    In 2008, Nikki Tinker ran against Cohen with this ad:
    “Who is the real Steve Cohen?” and wove together pictures of him, a statue of Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest and a hooded Ku Klux Klansman. Cohen is Jewish.

    Barack Obama personally endorsed Steve (Herenton was mad as hell about that) the NAACP gives Steve an A rating.

    Yet here is what racist ass Herenton said about him and the congressional running:

    First, he draws attention to Cohen’s singing and dancing at campaign events, saying he is “trying to act black.”
    “The black voters are going to determine who’s going to Congress.” (they voted for Cohen)

    “You got to watch these white folks,” he warned, speaking of alleged “irregularities” that occurred during the 2006 election. “Anything goes down, you got to watch white folks counting.” That was one of the lessons learned on the slave ships” (HUH?)

    Herenton told voters that they “need to come off that Cohen plantation and get on the Herenton freedom train.” (comparing steve to a slaver owner)

    These people are angry racist bastards who keep the city divided on everything.


  10. Thanx for the blog sheet !!!
    Please keep it going…No matter what people say, I would rather have a black man(HERENTON), than a white man who only pretends to be black(LIBERAL) and uses blacks for his own advancement(COHEN).The first time I’ve ever seen blacks collectively vote against their own best interests. Just look @… what HERENTON is attempting to do NOW !!!
    As far as the Democratic Party in Memphis being a racist organization…you really have to study the history of Mayoral holders, their means of getting elected and what they accomplished to lift the poor, disenfranchised, elderly, women, children and working class ppl. Until anyone makes a clear and unbiased study of these factors then, how can they make a valid assessment of a political party???
    And if you find someone who does …then WE ALL MUST question their motives for playing the race card.


  11. The simple fact and truth of the matter that no one will accept or believe is this. The reason there is so much crime in Memphis is because there are so many blacks in Memphis. The reason the crane rate keeps going up is because the black population keeps going up. Its not racist, its just a simple fact. And its an ugly truth but it is the truth. Blacks dominate the prison system. Most every city with a high crime rate has a population that is dominately black. If the population is not dominately black, the people who committed the crimes are dominately black. Now, im not saying blacks are naturally born criminals. Truth is they are not. Its how they are raised. Or lack there of. Until black people decide to start raising their children right and getting more involved as a parent and stop having kids just to get an extra check, there will always be high crime rates where there is a high population of blacks. Its the truth. You know its the truth. Dont deny it because you are fooling nobody. Not even yourself. Im not being racist. Im being honest. Black people themselves often admit this very openly. I have nothing against them. Only the ones that need to get their shit together. So GET YOUR FUCKING SHIT TOGETHER!


  12. I agree color has nothing to with race. Crime is higher among blacks and Hispanics because many are in situations where they can not afford to feed their families. Drug us is also higher because of the drug culture that permeates these races. When your down low you seek an out wherever you can find it such as in drugs or alcohol. HOWEVER, that does NOT excuse bad decisions. If you have babies you can’t afford that’s a bad decision. It’s a predicament you can avoid. People who make bad decisions should not be supported by people who make good decisions.


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