Danielle Malmquist Custody Case

From the moment I heard the story ofDanielle Malmquist’s ugly custody battle with her ex-husband over their two young boys on My Fox Memphis, I smelled a rat. Typically I don’t jump to conclusions when it comes to situations like this because there are always three sides to the story, her side, his side and the truth. So upon hearing her side I decided that something just wasn’t right.  

Here are two videos of Ms. Malmquist from My Fox Memphis telling her story to anyone who will listen

The main point that makes me believe that Danielle Malmquist’s side of the story is not the complete truth is the fact that her children were taken from her, the father was given sole custody, leaving the mother with only visitation rights. For those who have any knowledge of divorces and or child custody you know that removing a child from the custody of their mother is not a very easy thing to do. In most cases unless the mother is found unfit, the children will remain with her regardless of who the children want to live with. In this case, with allegations flowing from both parents the children were somehow removed from the mother’s care and she was given visitation. Not joint custody…visitation.

I found this old story about Danielle Malmquist on the Thaddeus Matthews blog, which might I add always has the best stories and on point topics from Memphis.From the comments you can tell that no one really knows the truth about this case. Amidst Ms. Malmquist accusations that her husband who is a pilot for Federal Express is trying to defame her reputation and fabricate stories about her, she also alleges that Federal Express is somehow tied in with the conspiracy.

Ms. Malmquist tearfully recounts the story to the news about how difficult and expensive it is for her to see her children who live in Memphis while she resided in California (she has recently moved back to Memphis). Ms. Malmquist reported that the expenses to see her children are much more than she can afford to pay (she makes $9.25/hr) and that she is being treated unfairly by the court system. Here are the estimates of what Ms. Malmquist would pay monthly if she chose follow the court order 

$325/month child support

$800/month fee for visitation at family service’s center

$200/month travel cost

True, that may seem a tad bit on the expensive side for any person to see their children, but I have a question, does anyone consider that when a father is ordered visitation? No one wants to hear a father crying and pleading because he has to pay expenses for his children. No one gives a damn that he feels that he doesn’t make enough money to see his children as much as he would like. So what should make Danielle Malmquist’s plight so heart wrenching?

What I would like to know is why is she being required to visit her children in a supervised environment?

Why have all of the agencies that Ms. Malmquist sought help from turned her down?

Why is she still unable to see her children as ordered now that she has moved back to Memphis. That should greatly cut down on the expenses, so why is she cancelling visitation visits.

After hearing that Ms. Malmquist was jailed  for contempt of court, stemming from harassment of her ex husband and violation of the judge’s order I am beginning to wonder if her intentions are solely focused on reclaiming custody of her children or if Ms. Malmquist has a hidden agenda.

I would definitely like to know the end result of this case, if there ever is one.


11 thoughts on “Danielle Malmquist Custody Case”

  1. do you live here in Memphis? I am truly very positively impressed with how you think about issues and I want to say that you show lots of sense. That is why I am even commenting on your blog. I can tell you that the Danielle story is one that has now become (I believe) THE most lengthy and costly divorce in this county. And most of the cost has been paid by the father, who has met every obligation he can for these children.
    Please look up the court documents on this, you will see what the truth is, I feel sure.


  2. Hi I just r ead this information. I believe that I know most of the true story and you are right on. Believe me Shem has tried everything to please the mother. He is a great father and his salary can’t possible repair or repay the damages that DM has done. The children are ok which is important but more people have to see the truth of this situation.


  3. Well,
    thanks Joanna payne-Jones PhD! How did you find this website?
    great that someone does see the issues here that need to be reviewed!
    Danielle now has a new convert to her lies, a ‘good’ attorney called Connie Reguli, who does not yet know what she is in for with this situation, but the truth is coming out more and more, while Danielle keeps shovelling more pee-yew smelly lies on it! let’s see what develops!
    Nancy Grace ought to see this story!
    well BGT, have you given up on this one?
    there is some blogspot radio show with Danielle oozing more total lies, so maybe you think she has stopped? no way! Not a bit! Too bad, but she pays more for her car and gas and make-up tan she is willing to pay to see her kids.
    whatever, huh!!


  4. As stated above there are always three sides to every story and I have the third.

    I haver personally experienced the corruption which takes place in family courts in this country. In my case a well known child psychologist (hired gun) was bought and paid for to testify for my ex and this set the stage for his victory in changing the original custody order.

    When I filed for divorce in 2004 my ex never mentioned what a horrible mother I was and simply agreed that I would be the primary custodian for the girls… but once my oldest became 12 he suddenly decided I was a horrible mother and found a psycho. doc. who will testify to anything as long as the money is right. I sat in the court room in amazment as they lied and said I didn’t feed the girls, I hit them constantly, etc…. and there was NO EVIDENCE of any kind presented to the court to prove any of these allegations. I now see my oldest at Christmas time only because my ex has turned her against me completely and my youngest four days a month.

    I am proof that unjust decisions are made in our courtrooms every day and I have vowed that I will fight along with other women to the bitter end to stop this injustice.

    As an end to this…… If you are a woman reading this please realize it can also happen to you. If you are married to a man who is financially successful he will always have the ability to take your children from you as a way of punishing you.

    In my situation my ex knew that my children meant more to me than anything in the world and that is exactly why he decided to take them from me… not to mention the fact that he didn’t want to pay out child support ..

    I hope this will be informative to someone else and give them some insight on how they should approach such a horrible battle in their life.


  5. This is happening to millions of women. Catherine Pierce, the Acting Director of the Office of Violence Against Women testified to the U.S. Senate last month that women are frequently losing their children to their abusers, the American Judge’s Association as recoginized this as a problem, as has the National District Attorney’s Association. Mothers are losing their kids at an alarming rate because of biased and uninformed judges, psychologists that are bought and paid for by the party that usually has the most money…usually the father, and a host of father’s rights attorneys that have their hand held out to work their tricks and tactics to make even Mother Teresa unfit.


  6. Anyone who thinks something is wrong with Danielle just because the court ruled against her is ignorant and has not been an abused woman sitting in family court loosing what is most precious to her…her children. These people making those first comments have no right to talk and accuse that woman. No- a mother does not have to be unfit to loose custody. All she has to do is be an abused woman and 70% of men that fight for custody in these cases win. Please get the facts before you go slandering women who have lost their children to their abusers in family court for no good reason.


  7. A good father does not necessarily equal a good husband. Let’s be fair here. Emotional abuse is incredibly rampant, being that it cannot be physiologically measured by bruises like physical abuse is.


  8. I came to this site Googling her name while watching Divorce Corp on Netflix. She told a compelling story about being barred from filing with any court then being arrested. I read the first 10 pages are so of that court judgment. Either her ex is total Ted Bundy crazy and Tennessee cops are really racist, or she is crazy. She was filing for protection warrants in California and trying to get them enforced in TN. She said her ex broke into her hotel room and raped her with a female accomplice. She said a TN cop told her “you better straighten out those eyes if you ever want to see your kids again” (she’s asian).

    Family court is BS, the psych tests are BS, it’s a whole industry designed to take extract as much money as possible to justify it’s existance, making judges and lawyers rich in the process and destroying live. But for all of those previous comments about how bad women get treated by family court it’s about a thousand times worse for most of the men who go through the system.


  9. I was watching divorce corp, and saw her on it, at first I found her compelling. Then I noticed she started to bad mouth her ex husband lawyer again and again and complain about the judge. The news reel footage showed an African American judge and lawyer and then it clicked for me.

    I went to a school of mostly yellow people that was elite and learned many of them have a deep seething hatred of african americans and all Africans.

    I think she is half yellow half white or half yellow half hispanic/italian.

    It was clear from her demeanor the hate in her voice for african americans, she had like a silent quiet type seething hatred that I am all too use to experiencing from yellow people.

    Its like you can see the hate in her eyes boiling below the surface as if the camera wasn’t there she’d just go on and call you the full bath of racial slurs.

    I am glad the judge did what he did, and remove the children from that yellow racist and toxic environment. I bet the hisband is a real good guy too.


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