Searching the Black Girl Thinking Blog

allaboutmelargeOne of the major things I like about WordPress are the blog stats.  Before joining WordPress I had no clue as to who was viewing my blog and what they were looking for, but now with WordPress I can see how many people are lurking and get somewhat of an idea of where their lurking began.




With blogstats I now know that people come to the Black Girl Thinking blog  mainly to find

Sarah Palin porn||blank stare||

Sure I know that many people enter a string of search terms in the search box, but it is always quite funny to view my blog stats and see searches such as these

  • black girl thinking spanked (haha that one is hilarious…not gonna find that here folks OR anywhere else)
  • cornrows and sex
  • old sperm
  • hot israeli girl
  • white woman marry kenyan prince
  • reasons to beat your wife if not smoking

The last one is hilarious! As if there is ever a reason to beat your wife. Obviously someone has some curiosity about spousal abuse.

Regardless of the cause of the visit I am always appreciative of those that stop by. Whether the visit is to find information on Barack Obama, to see what I thought about the R. Kelly interview that should have shamed Kels but didn’t or to read about me being spanked I am thankful for the stop by. Each and every visit is appreciated!

5 thoughts on “Searching the Black Girl Thinking Blog”

  1. You know what? I did that search thing on wordpress myself after reading some of the reasons why some folks came to MY page. Hell, one of them was “Big ass titties”. LMAO!!! I searched it and low and behold, I saw the blog they were referring to on the front page. It’s a funny thing.

    Still, it’s a good way to get some hits.


  2. @ Wizzy..

    I laugh at a lot of it like the search for old sperm. LMAO. who really wants to know about old sperm and why would they think they would find it here. Well i did do a blog about sperm donation, but old sperm????


  3. Someone found out about my site by typing “skinny girls naked slapped beaten choked” and “black guy three ways my wife”

    Laughter for a very long time.


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