LaBruzzo has had enough of the poor!

rep81Louisiana State Representative John LaBruzzo thinks that poor people should stop having babies, he is even willing to pay them $1000 to do so!

LaBruzzo, who fully backed the idea of paying the poor to not reproduce, was stripped of his position as vice chairman of the house Health Care Committee. House Speaker Jim Tucker stated that some of the comments made by LaBruzzo concerning the sterilization bill may impede his ability to lead health care reform and be an effective member of the leadership team. Even though the plan was still a work in progress and was still in the brainstorming process, LaBruzzo stated earlier this year that he had hopes it would take form in a bill to be placed on the table for Legislature to consider.

LaBruzzo’s plan would pay poor women $1000 to have their tubes tied. This plan may also include tax incentives for college-educated, higher income earning people to encourage them to have more children. LaBruzzo says the plan is being considered due to fears of welfare costs rising as the number of taxpayers declines.

LaBruzzo, who is serving his 2nd term in the Legislature, says that he worries that people who receive government aid are reproducing at a faster rate than people who are better educated. Rep. LaBruzzo stated that hopefully this plan would reduce the statistics of generational welfare.

LaBruzzo who considers the plan “A Bridge Out” has received quite a bit of scrutiny over the plan which has included allegations of racism and Eugenics. The plan has been called everything from sexist to immoral and has even been compared to modern day ethnic cleansing.


Getting rid of the poor has never been and never will be the solution to ending poverty. The poor will always be with us. This plan is simply a way to fade out a specific race of people preferably the brownish ones. In my book this plan is just modern day Eugenics. No different than when the Nazis.

When you think of the people who represent us as state Representatives and in other forms of Legislature, it seriously makes you wonder what could possibly happen if some of their far-fetched, racially motivated, ignorance spurred ideas were brought to fruition.


2 thoughts on “LaBruzzo has had enough of the poor!”

  1. John LaBruzzo is not the enemy. Damning him for trying and kicking around ideas is the problem. Have you tried emailing him? Contacting him? I’m sure you know how much it hurts to be judged without all the facts.

    Oddly enough being from his area but now living in Los Angeles I became curious and contacted his office. About a week later I talked to him on the phone for 20 minutes.

    From what I gather he was just looking for more humane alternatives to the suggested gov’t sponsored abortion idea.

    Hating him just increases the divide. Hes no different than that friend we’ve all had that we didnt see eye to eye with. If we all talk and stop condemning each other things may start to get better.




  2. @ Leon. I had to skim back through my blog entry to find out where you got the notion that I was condemning LaBruzzo. I just stated the facts as they were. No where in the blog did I say anything about my person feelings towards LaBruzzo, now maybe the blog title may hint a little but the blog itself just relays the plan that LaBruzzo had.

    As for more humane alternatives….Trying to sterilize the poor to keep them from having children, that is NOT my opinion of humane alternatives in reducing welfare costs.


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