Election Day- Obama -vs- McCain

I wonder if Sarah Palin was upset that the ballot didn’t say Sarah Palin and John McCain instead of John McCain and Sarah Palin. I was just wondering since she seems to suck up every once of elation when anyone mentions her maybe running for President one day.

For those who haven’t voted, time is running out. Get to the polls and Get Er Done (I always wondered who came up with that line Get Er Done?) but anyway, the clock is ticking and time is running out. Make your vote count, vote your choice.

If Barack Obama can make time to vote, surely your schedule isn’t that packed that you didn’t have time to vote.

Of course you won’t get the round of applause that he received once he cast his vote, but you’ll feel just as good!

Once the winner has been announced I will either be cha chaing because Obama won or drinking some kind of strong liquor, light on the ice because we will be faced with John McCain as a president and the mere thought of that is enough to drive anyone to gulping down a strong beverage.

This is a historic day and I am overwhelmingly glad to be alive to see it and take part in it by casting my vote (Blackgirlthinking Baracked the Vote October 28, 2008 at approximately 5:58 pm)

So if you have not voted please go out and do so. Every vote counts. Regardless of who you vote for go and be a part of history.

sidenote- Yes I read the list for November 5th Etiquette. But a few of those I will have to ignore and do any. Like loudly singing “We’ve Come This Far By Faith” that’s a given, I can’t ignore that one. Oh and yelling Thank You Jesus at random times will definitely be going on…sorry but those are musts!

and again..VOTE VOTE VOTE!


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