Always a Nigga in the Midst

***disclaimer  this blog entry uses the word nigga or variations of the word nigga. For those who dislike the use of the word or who prefer not to read content that consists of the word, you may not want to read the following blog entry. Normally I am not prone to using this word, but in this case, this nigga deserves it***

If Black people didn’t have enough on their shoulders, there always has to be some ole boot lickin’, house residing slave n**ga in the midst, who will speak up and make black people all around the nation hang their head in disgust.

Recently this n**ga was James T. Harris, proclaimed Republican and McCain supporter undercover house nigga and content slave.

I tell ya, when I saw this video I grew angry. Mainly because he said the words with such power and meaning, that you knew he meant what he said and that he wanted McCain to tear into Barack Obama with all his might.James T. Harris starts his statement off at the McCain rally by saying that he has taken quite an ass whoopin for supporting McCain (obviously not a good enough one, if so he wouldn’t have gotten his Uncle Tom on at that damn rally) He goes on to tell McCain that he needs to bring it on at the next debate and even gave suggestions of issues that McCain should bring up to use against Obama.

 **it has been reported that after Harris’ “peformance” at the McCain rally there have been various threats to his life. My response to those reports..tee hee 🙂



It is quite sad and humiliating when a black man stands up and begs (those were his exact words to McCain “I beg of you”) a white man to “take it to him” in respect to Barack Obama who could possibly be the first Black President of the USA. That fact alone should have been enough to make James Harris think twice before allowing his syndrome to make him speak. The syndrome I speak of is the Uncle Tom syndrome. But when it comes down to it, many times we as black people do more harm to ourselves as a race than anyone else. We tear each other down,we kill each other, steal from each other and hate to see each other succeed. It is a very sad thing that we can’t unite and support each other.


7 thoughts on “Always a Nigga in the Midst”

  1. “I tell ya,when i saw this video i grew angry..” and when i read your comments i was disturbed and sad.You villify a man basically because of his his colour which makes you no better than the many whites who won’t vote for Barack because he’s mixed.The US is a democracy which means you all have freedom of choice and he was just been voicing his,no matter how unpopular it may be.I thought you (Americans) had progressed a lot further than you actually have and if everybody thought like you Obama wouldn’t even still be in the race!


  2. @James

    If you are not an African American you can in NO WAY comprehend how we as a people feel to see James Harris on television making the remarks that he made. On no level can you even begin to understand how damaging his statements were. Be it his opinion or not, his slave mentality clearly shone through that day.

    Just as he voiced his opinion, this is MY BLOG and I voiced MY OPINION. Many other ppl have also voiced their opinions on this matter because regardless of what you or any other person would like to believe statements like the one from Mr. Harris were not only unpopular among African Americans, but if you look at how McCain responded to him, McCain didn’t care too much for Mr. Harris or his begging either.

    with your comment of “You Americans” that label in itself is enough to make me automatcially wonder if you are one of “those ppl” who are here in the USA with priveleges that legal citizens don’t even have…


  3. @ the nonconformer

    Is it your belief that Republicans actually care about the voters?
    If so you may have been studying the wrong government over the past 8yrs because the evidence is blatantly shown that the last 8yrs have been a tragedy for the USA and that was at the hands of the Republicans.

    And the comments about Obama being a functioning alcoholic are absurd. I guess the mere thought of a black man being qualified to be the next president is enough to make all of you undercover racist come out of the woodworks.


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