Many times I have pondered over how I would deal with life if I were a superstar. Honestly I have very little assurance that I would handle it well. I can’t see myself being followed by paparazzi or having to dress up even when I didn’t feel like it. I could see myself now going to an interview looking like I just came from Kinko’s or something lol I compare my life as a superstar to a line from one of my favorite movies of all time. No More Wire Hangers from the movie Mommie Dearest would be how I handled life when placed under tons of stress and deadlines. I am already a very impatient person, so if I had to live the life of a celeb there would be plenty of No More Wire Hangers moments.


I can see myself now, five interviews in one day, then jumping on a plane to do a photo shoot, then heading for a late night appearance on a talk show. By the time I got home I would have to pull a No More Wire Hangers on somebody, hell even if it were just myself.

I can’t even imagine dealing with the cocky, unsympathetic, irritating, sons of witches in the industry or having to deal with people also known as fans who would feel that my life should be an open book.

I would be a time bomb ready to go off and before I could get control of myself every moment would be a No More Wire Hangers moment.

 Someone forgot to return a call- No More Wire Hangers Moment.

I was misquoted in an article- No More Wire Hangers moment.

My dress for the award show doesn’t fit right- No More Wire Hangers Moment.

My publicist overbooked me- No More Wire Hangers Moment. 

Now I have insomnia because of all of the above- No More Wire Hangers Moment.

It would seriously be a mess. I would be on the news at least once a month for going berserk on somebody.

Give me the simple life, all of that hoopla just isn’t for me!


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