R. Kelly Interview on BET (wrong answer)

I watched the interview with R. Kelly on BET last night, did you? 

Well if you didn’t, you didn’t miss much, well you did miss R. Kelly say some of the stupidest ish I have ever heard in my life (and believe me I have heard quite a bit of stupid bullish in my 27 years of living) What you didn’t miss was any pertinent information concerning the case, any full fledge denials of sexing young girls, you didn’t miss any juicy gossip or reasons why R. Kelly thinks everyone is out to get him. You want to know why you didn’t miss any of those things, good you asked, because I am quite happy to tell you, you didn’t miss any of that because they didn’t talk about any of that.

The 30 minute interview (actually more like 17 mins because of all of the commercials) was basically Toure of BET asking R. Kelly a few simple, easy to answer questions that you, me and even Elmer Fudd could have answered without hesitation, but not Kels. Nope he couldn’t even answer the simple questions with ease. smh

When asked if he liked teenage girls, R. Kelly responded, “how young?” He then questioned what should be considered a teenager and lastly stated that he has 19 year old ‘friends”.  Not the right answer Kels, not the right answer.

Any grown person who did not like teenage girls, and who had been found not guilty of child molestation and pornography charges because they honestly didn’t do it would have given a different answer.  Hmmm let’s see here are a few answers a grown person who did not like teenage girls, and who had been found not guilty of child molestation and pornography charges because they honestly didn’t do it may have given.

  • No I do not like teenage girls
  • No and I have never liked teenage girls except when I was a teenager
  • No I do not like teenage girls and justice was served, I was not and am not guilty of the alleged charges

But not Kels, he had to go and screw up what should have been one of the easiest questions he has been asked in the past 7 years that the charges have been investigated.  Simple question, simple answer, but I guess for R.Kelly there was room for thought on that one.

I have personally been on a “Say No to Kels” silent protest. I have not purchased any of his music and when it comes on the radio I turn from it. Even when one of my ultimate jams came on the other day “Ignition” I remained on my protest and quickly turned the station. I don’t support pedophiles, so he has been on my “shit list” from the moment I came to the conclusion that he was guilty of all charges. And believe me that was way back when the piss first hit the fan. It may have taken them seven years to try him in court, but I came to my decision long ago….the protest continues.

Here is a snippet of the video  in case you missed the little that was revealed. However it is the most crucial part of the interview, the part where Kels says all the wrong things  ***rolling eyes very hard***




33 thoughts on “R. Kelly Interview on BET (wrong answer)”

  1. You got to be kidding me, is he for real I was so shocked by his answer it made me sick. Thats like asking O.J. Simpson if he
    killed his wife and her friend and him saying well can you define what you mean by dead. What a Joke!!! R Kelly should be put away for a long time.


  2. I wonder if any of the former jurors watched. He is a disgraced. I cannot believe that his publicist allowed him to do this. To me this interview was him confessing. I don’t think he’s very bright. He needs not speak on this ever again unless he is actually verballizing his guilt.


  3. I really don’t understand either why his publicist would allow him to come out and speak ON HIS ON. Maybe they feel like since the trial is over, he doesn’t have to be careful.

    But in my opinion anyone watching it should know now more than before that he was guilty and will basically continue to mess with underage girls


  4. While I stopped patronizing him when the video came out, never watched any clips of the videos, I felt he was guilt. It all went back the fact that he married fifteen years old Aaliyah. So, for me it wasn’t a stretch that he was actually making videos. He’s an idiot. The man may be a musical genius does not absolve him of wrong doing. He’s been doing dirt for the past 14 years at least. I cannot tolerate anyone defending him. After seeing this fool actually hesitate when asked if he like teenage girls….I’m completely over it.


  5. @BeeReal. He may be a genius..but only musically. His real life is a hot mess and good music or not I don’t support anyone who abuses children. As a parent I think that it would be foolish if I put money in the pocket of a man who does that to children.


  6. @Trianna. I agree. When he married Aaliyah that was a sign right there. Whether her parents gave their approval or not, any grown man desiring to marry a child has some issues. So I too had no doubt that when these allegations of child molestation and sex acts with a child came forth that they were 100% true


  7. I have been an R Kelly fan for nearly 10 years. I love all of his music. He was found not guilty and i will still support him as well as his music. His interview revealed nothing, just because he said he has nineteen year old friends doesnt mean hes a pedophile.
    #1 R Kelly Fan


  8. @Jordan. To each his/her own. If you enjoy his music and choose to support him and believe his story, that is your perrogative, you have the right to do so.
    In my opinion any ADULT man that stumbles for an answer when asked if he likes teenage girls is obviously struggling with more than just an answer.
    But just because a person was found not guilty does not mean that they are innocent….


  9. have you seen the parody of the interview that duval did… now that is straight comedy… I thought the original was a complete joke… but the parody… hilarious!


  10. i agree Blackgirl with “In my opinion any ADULT man that stumbles for an answer when asked if he likes teenage girls is obviously struggling”

    It amazes me that people are making excuses for this man. The justice system does not always get it right. Just as there are innocent people on deathrow or have been killed via deathrow, there are actual criminals that are found innocent everyday. I just happen to believe that Robert Kelly is one of the latter.


  11. @KLove76 It seems that the video has been pulled completely. Every posting I can find of the video says that it has been removed…

    I don’t know whats up with that, but it isn’t just YouTube, the video is removed from every site I can find.


  12. I’m more in shock by the lack of BACKLASH against this guy…

    I remember my wife watching this , while i had my back turn working on something in the house..and when he responded “HOW YOUNG?”..i was like WTF?!?!?

    MANE…………you was right THAT WAS SOME STUPID ISH…

    where was his publicist, his manager and lawyers…BETTER YET,



  13. @Preston..

    I don’t know where the backlash is, but its definitely nowhere to be found. Besides ppl like us being appalled and having our say, nothing has really been said or done to Kels for basically telling the world that he likes teenage girls. Hell the man may as well have said Nah nah ne nah nah and stuck his tongue out and mocked everyone for being found not guilty. A damn shame I tell ya!


  14. leave him alone, he’s been through enough as it is. i love him and even if he is guilty i still love him, he’s not guilty.
    this interview proved nothing and thank god he was found innocent, i was crying my eyes out when he was in court!!


  15. I just recently went to see R.Kelly. Who are we to cast the first stone. We all make mistakes sometimes. I saw this man in person perform (ATL Oct 24’09). He thanked God for the outcome! He is a man with a good heart and knows the power of prayer. Thats why things worked in his favor!! I have a new respect for R.Kelly the artist!!! I thought those bad things about him until I saw him in person and saw a deeper side that really shows that he has a good conscience and a good heart. I am glad it all worked out for him…and for the good. God will never forsake his children…


  16. I luv every song thst he sings, but the dislike is his sexual activvties. When ever he sings gospel, i appreciate it the more. let him give his life to christ. God may be angry with him


  17. One of my favorite episodes of “The Boondocks” puts this whole situation into perspective in a really intelligent way. Of course, that whole show is one of the smartest explanations of modern life already.


  18. Chris Brown was in the news today, talking about appealing (no pun intended) to his fans to “bring him back” because people have been boycotting his newest record and radio stations won’t play his cuts. Kinda like R-Kelly and how we have to realize that talented, inspirational people can also have other traits that are downright horrible sometimes. We, as their audiences do have some power over them. Even if we appreciate something someone does, sometimes their bad qualities can outweigh their good. That’s why I don’t root for Kobe or go to Mel Gibson movies even though I acknowledge how talented they are.


  19. What’s wrong with the question? 18 and 19 year olds are teenagers. They are also considered adults in the United States when it comes to everything except buying alcohol. There are also very few adult men who would reject an attractive 18 or 19 year old woman, whether or not they can admit that.


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